Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fashion Designer Mila Gokhman from Kiev the Capital of UKraine

I met Mila  Gokhman at an Art Gallery where we both had our work on display ,

after much to do about  nothing which you seem to do in art Galleries plus her English is not so good ,
I realized she still had a collection of her fashion designs in leather ,clothes and jewelry spanning  about 40 plus years , and was interested in creating a book of her life in fashion design ,
well before I agreed I went to her home and viewed some of her work totally amazing ,as she is now lets say over 70 , well a lady never  tells  ,and a gentleman never ask ,

 so I agreed to work with her on this  PRO BONO until things change as she is not well  , but first I wanted some pictures of her ,so she came into my studio I just put some lights on ,and let her tell me her story  plus wear some of her deigns ,

so as we where talking I just photographed her ,no posing just as she was ,I think she may have model some years back as well ,but will know more as I work with her ,

this will be on going and will post her deigns as I get them cataloged and photographed 

these jewelry designs are made in black leather, so I wanted a black model ,plus I wanted the image to be black and white . booked model Mari Agory