Helmut Newton 7 images that changed fashion Rankin BBC UK

  part  4 of my recreating the Rankins 7 images that changed fashion,
 all ways liked Helmut Newton  photography ,he had a voyeuristic style some times ,

so when it came to his images that Rankin recreated , well I could not just pack up my stuff  go to France as Rankin did and then go to the exact street where Helmut Newton had an apartment plus shoot this image in the same street Rue Aubriot ,

so my thoughts where Helmut's image and the model he used ,are so unique to this look and could not be recreated that well , the model owned that look and shot   , so I decided to use a very different looking model ,

I  shot this out side my studio one evening ,it made me think of Helmut Newton just walking out side from his apartment and shooting his model in the street so I felt by walking out side my studio may help me ,it did , it was more a hanging out thing and just taking some pictures  not a photo shoot ,
plus having a nude model out side as well, gave that excitement and fun element to the picture taking and the models  ,

so these are my ideas based on Helmut Newton and Rankin  images ,  have posted the Newton and Rankin image as well

phillip ritchie

Helmut Newton  below 

my idea's