Saturday, April 30, 2011

AVG PC tuneup free scan and fix your computer Yea Right sure it does and there reply

a few years back I used this program AVG PC tuneup free scan and fix your computer 30 day  trial



you already know how AVG can protect you online. Now we take that expertise one step further by fixing problems that slow you down. AVG PC Tuneup is your one stop shop to help you get the most out of your PC. 

  I see copy and past does not work to well of there web site mmmm

it found 3 thousand and some problems and fixed all but two and said go to Advanced Tools  which I did ,
it then said I had to pay to fix them  mmmmm so I decided to replace  the computer ,as it was old

so once again  I saw this




well to day just to see ,I ran a free fix and scan  trial from AVG PC tuneup on my fairly new computer  well it found 4,513 problems took over an hour to repair  then guess what it repaired 4,512  but still had TWO  it could not Fix  ,so yep go to Advanced Tools which I did,
and once again it wanted payment of $29.99 to fix them  ,

so why bother to get you into running a free trial  tuneup,when it does not work

  they get you all concerned that you still have O M G  two problems ,

pull your hair out O M G what shall I do,

I have two problems ,beat your head on the desk I have to get rid of these problems  but I do not know what they are,

O M G let me give these guys $29.99 to fix my computer, 

why not just say it will cost $ 29.99 to fix the dam thing  if there is some wrong with it,

not just a free scan and Fix it

but what do we know , we just pay , so how many thousands  of people  send them $29.99 a month  to fix these two problems ,   Do we really  have them ,or does the scan soft wear just say that all the time ,

so I guess I will go some where else  thanks A V G but no thanks ,
because what is a AVG PC tuneup free scan and fix your computer 30 day  trial   if it does not work ,
is that what you wanted to know ,your AVG PC tuneup free scan and fix your computer 30 day  trial, did not work on two different computers for me,

so I went to remove this trial and it told me I still had 4,513 problems  so it did not fix any thing , let alone the two it could not fix , 
so it just totally wasted my time after running for an hour and 30 minuets telling me it was fixing  4,511 problems ,

I also emailed this to them ,, there reply ,,did they really read what I said  

Thank you for your email.
We apologize if your AVG product did not meet your expectations.

Our main goal is to keep our customers happy and satisfied. Therefore we receive very little negative feedback.

Feedback (both positive and negative) from customers is extremely important for our company. AVG Technologies carefully monitors the quality of AVG products and services and conscientiously works on their improvement.

If you have a specific experience with AVG Internet Security products that you would like to share with us, we would appreciate hearing about it. Your experience with AVG products and services will be very helpful to us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a year ago 27 April 2010 model JEM from Model Mayhem ( there is nudity )

a year ago a very stunning traveling model Jem from Model Mayhem came in to work with me and I very nearly did not shoot with her ,
because she was late and had cut her hair short ,
 I had a makeup artist and we had planned the styling for her hair but she was maybe two hours late , so as I spoke to her about how I was not pleased about being late and changing her hair,
but as I  looked at her with this short hair ,I totally feel in love with her look and thought to my self wow I would be a fool not to shoot with Jem , so just had to tell her she had won my heart and looked amazing, so lets shoot,  here are a selection of what we created . and she is a really nice person and worked very hard to create the ideas I had ,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mayhem model Megan Renee how did you do that ,I am asked ,well here is the answer about my ideas about photographing Tattoo Art

I love the art of tattoos ,Mayhem  model Megan Renee  

but wanted to shoot this art in a different way ,so created how I would show this, but made the whole image to be the image with the art,

now this was created as you see here ,the background was red ,the picture frame was hanging on two wires which I PS out ,but what the model Megan is doing  is just how I photographed it ,

we arranged the clothing to show her naked body in the frame but not in the rest of the image and had a white back ground behind for the picture frame ,

I like PS but still like just creating an image in camera as it takes 125of a sec to get the image and we created many more looks with this set up ,

it took maybe two hours to build this set up and just a few more minuets in PS  for each image

so to those that ask me ,I hope this helps ,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alice in Wonderland my wonderland

 I met miss Millia a while ago  and she told me she have lots of wardrobe, Anime costumes, EGL outfits and Yukata/Kimono from Japan, and a variety of hand made/one of a kind costumes and outfits. that she wanted to photograph  and she was also a model ,

one of the costumes reminded me of Alice in wonderland so I said lets do Alice ,

well I have to admit having my studio plus mua and hair available it is so easy to put photoshoots together,
once Millia was finished in wardrobe hair and makeup, I started to think there maybe  should be two Alice's ,like good Alice and sexy Bad Alice,

 So we did just that,

 here is a selection  from her photoshoot ,I must say I did get very interested in creating ideas from the book ,
  such as ( which way to go very confused Alice ) this a triple exposure in camera ,
plus many are wide angle lens,
I created some stuff in the studio like looking up at her for the hole in the ground  she was on a stepladder and I laid on the floor ,plus  a blue gel on the wall behind her ,
and then me up a stepladder looking down on other shots ,

the ones where she is falling and wondering which way to go was crumpled up seamless paper and the back of a large rug ,

the window shot, was a window sitting on a sawhorse held up by the makeup artist , the biggest help was as gorgeous as the model Millia was, she is also an actress.
So she just gets in the part and follows direction ,awesome fun photshoot ,

the reason just because I love a photographic challenge and can be creative with ideas, makes you think and I am always up for that,

plus I can work in and around my commercial work ,


Friday, April 22, 2011

All the lonely people

No greater burden can be borne by an individual ,than to know ,no one cares or understands. Arthur H Stainback ,
Hence my title ,  all the lonely people , these where my thoughts, in creating this picture  ,  now to write about it, that's hard for me ,even thou I created it and Michelle understood the concept, just sometimes I can not get my thoughts down ,

So I asked Elise to write about her feelings and thought of this image ,  hopefully I can get her to do more ,as I really like the way she has with words, brings so much more to the picture ,
The model  Michelle, I guess was maybe my first muse we worked together many, many times,  purely for the love of creating emotions and feelings in pictures ,and it was a few years back , have never shown these before , it is part of the unfinished series , as she was taken ill and I never heard from her again ,  this is one of many, I will post of Michelle from  the unfinished series

the thoughts of Elise ,

The drive for happiness seems to be the main struggle in these harsh times. Its only normal isn't it? 
The strive to feel bliss surrounding you filling your pores, consuming ever inch of your body. 
The absolute power and control that comes with the peace of finally know that everything is in its place.
Instead we have a vast struggle, an addition that leads us father away from this place. We pick apart realty, bending its truths, only to create a place where this goal cannot be achieved. 
We distort the true reality of our minds,
often picking apart fact and desires until we can no long know the truth ourselves. Most of today youth, myself included are self sabotaging.
Its not that we don't want to achieve happiness. Instinct would have you convinced that one does it to protect themselves or from fear, hurt or failure. 
But its different all together.
Its the feeling of emotion at its finest, although negative it makes us feel alive, it calms in the storm.The desire and hurt that breads out of want, 
is a rush in itself. You can feel the power in  acceptance, in the feel of helpless and being broken. 
The more one breaks themselves down the more they feel alive, the fall in itself traps us back into the cycle, knowing that every time it kills a piece of us we awakened. Even though  its damages us ,some people cant stop. 

 self downfall is our generations drug. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

when you need a light that you think you do not have

when you need a light ,that you think you do not have it ,or when there is know time to go rent one ,
this is what happened a while back I found this test image with Lianda so thought I would post this and why ,

I had a fashion beauty shoot coming up and they had spoke about a ring flash or a direct light centered on the models face so the light would be equal distance but still show some shadow on the side of her face and under her chin but not under her nose and just one catch light with no other shadows ,so it was decided not to use a ring flash ,

I gave this some thought ,and there maybe many ways to do this,
but I wanted to see if I could achieve this with what I had .

so I placed a 32"x 24 soft box right in front of her level with her face , so now  you say mmm well you can not see her and you can not stand in front of the soft box ,

so I took the baffles out of the soft box and made a  long tube of card the same depth of the soft box , then placed this over the lens put the tube in through from the back of the soft box    below the strobe with the camera out side the back of the soft box ,
this way a center light ,one catch light and no light getting in to the lens plus the light is equal in F stop yet we have shadow on the side of her cheeks as asked ,
I think Lianda who has been my muse for some years ,still thinks I am a little strange, but because she is so cool she does not complain ,but does look at me in some sort of odd way .
will post the beauty shot later which is in colour , but just had to make my test shot black and white  ,

the upside down and inside out dress

I had to make more room at my studio as the wardrobe was getting out of control,
I had Elise  my makeup artist and model come over to give me a hand  ,she has a more up-to date idea about fashion , so we did get ride of a load of stuff,
  Elise spotted a skirt and a really cool leather coat that she liked , well what do you say she smiled  batted  her eye lashes at me mmmm well  that won me over

I mean she did volunteer to help ,plus Elise looked cool in them ,so she went home with them on ,
any way my reason to post was,I found the dress that I had used upside down and inside out, it just did not do to much the right way ,

when the model put it on it fit great, but just did nothing for me ,

So some times just look at some thing from a different direction, that is what happened here ,

mind you the model made it all so easy she laughed when I got her to wear it upside down and inside out she just played it up ,
we had so many great shots ,these are just a few to show  model Dorothy in her upside down and inside out dress , also she just had to wear this floppy hat,

In some of the shots she just had to look away because she kept laughing, and so did we all

,    just love photo shoots like this ,with a model that can bring it on ,
yet still give you what you need, but make it a shoot you wont forget , thank you  Dorothy you are an amazing model

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Melvin Sokolsky Photographer at Orange Coast College of Photography 16 April Orange County CA

 was very pleased to meet and chat with  Melvin Sokolsky at  Orange Coast College Photography , for a while to day 16 April  before his lecture, great admirer of his photography and his vision ,

one of the best lectures that I have been to, very informal yet still full of information and he was very much there for every body ,

 Melvin Sokolsky spoke about the what and why of his vision  in photography and his answer's to question's where very honest  and you could still feel his passion for photography even after a career of 50 years, moderated by John Upton  who posed same great question's to him ,

so I thank Melvin Sokolsky  , Orange Coast College  and  MOPLA  for making this happen ,
you all made my day,

so go here for Melvin Sokolsky      web site   and enjoy his work as much as I have

Episode 0018 - Interview with Melvin Sokolsky, Canon Explorer of Light and Fashion & Advertising Photographer from David E Warner on Vimeo.

Orange Coast College Photography
  The School of Photography at Orange Coast College is widely considered one of the finest photography and digital imaging programs in the United States. Our program is designed to provide expert instruction, with superior facilities and equipment, for anyone pursuing a career in photography or wishing to enhance their photographic skills.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I just new I wanted to shoot this with her ,as she had shaved her hair of

I meet art figure model Nevaehlieh some time back but had not wanted to shoot with her as I do not shoot much Figure nude ,
but when I saw her  new look ,well  I am not sure what I thought other than I just loved it, she had shaved all her hair of ,so from long dark  hair to bald 

I have all ways like the painting girl with a peal earring and had wanted to use this as an inspiration to create my own ideas from,

I just new I wanted to shoot this with her, so we made arrangements for when she was next in Orange County we would get together ,

when she came into the studio she seamed different than when we last meet ,it was now she was very confident and just had a beautiful look about her ,

shaving her hair of had brought a new quality to her ,I just can not describe it,.it was a very vulnerable and Innocent  sort of look or feeling there was nothing to hide behind ,

as a photographer and artist this was a really rewarding photoshoot ,

just the open rawness of her look with  the peal earring was so open and beautiful I just totally love all that we created she brought so much in to this idea of mine,
Nevaehlieh made it her own  that I have no interest in shooting this again with any one else,

we found the look and direction and shot this in far less time than I expected ,

I have posted the painting ,not the same but you maybe can see where the idea came from.

also this was created as a reflection ,so I was shooting her reflection not her she was behind and to the side of me ,

just gives a different look and feel to the image ,maybe shows more in the colour images but I just love these in black and white ,

I also used some Leather earrings created by Designer Mila Gokhman with her as well which I have posted on here ,


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

more from Fashion Designer Mila Gokhman with Model KIM

I managed to get model Kim from LA to come  in and work with me on some of the fashion designs of Fashion Designer Mila Gokhman  ,
Kim just has a beautiful look  , blond hair amazing eyes, just can not describe her, but my camera just loves her ,
we have had many photo shoots over the past few years, plus she is also a super nice person ,

Kim also under stood this was to help Mila Gokham who is not well ,

Kim volunteered  some time for this and also offered to find some more time out of her busy schedule to shoot again for Mila  ,

thank you Kim for being there for Mila .

Sunday, April 10, 2011

shoes and legs

part of the shoe series  just testing a different look ,


Part of the Chair Series with Model Brianna

really wanted a more sort of gritty looking black and white look for this chair series , 

not all models like this ,as they are not  always pretty pictures ,    I did not want to photoshop this just change it to black and white, know skin smoothing or touch up, 

spoke to Brianna about what I wanted  , she was way ok and wanted to work on this with me and loved the idea ,

sure helps when the model loves the idea as well