Alice in Wonderland my wonderland

 I met miss Millia a while ago  and she told me she have lots of wardrobe, Anime costumes, EGL outfits and Yukata/Kimono from Japan, and a variety of hand made/one of a kind costumes and outfits. that she wanted to photograph  and she was also a model ,

one of the costumes reminded me of Alice in wonderland so I said lets do Alice ,

well I have to admit having my studio plus mua and hair available it is so easy to put photoshoots together,
once Millia was finished in wardrobe hair and makeup, I started to think there maybe  should be two Alice's ,like good Alice and sexy Bad Alice,

 So we did just that,

 here is a selection  from her photoshoot ,I must say I did get very interested in creating ideas from the book ,
  such as ( which way to go very confused Alice ) this a triple exposure in camera ,
plus many are wide angle lens,
I created some stuff in the studio like looking up at her for the hole in the ground  she was on a stepladder and I laid on the floor ,plus  a blue gel on the wall behind her ,
and then me up a stepladder looking down on other shots ,

the ones where she is falling and wondering which way to go was crumpled up seamless paper and the back of a large rug ,

the window shot, was a window sitting on a sawhorse held up by the makeup artist , the biggest help was as gorgeous as the model Millia was, she is also an actress.
So she just gets in the part and follows direction ,awesome fun photshoot ,

the reason just because I love a photographic challenge and can be creative with ideas, makes you think and I am always up for that,

plus I can work in and around my commercial work ,