AVG PC tuneup free scan and fix your computer Yea Right sure it does and there reply

a few years back I used this program AVG PC tuneup free scan and fix your computer 30 day  trial




you already know how AVG can protect you online. Now we take that expertise one step further by fixing problems that slow you down. AVG PC Tuneup is your one stop shop to help you get the most out of your PC. 

  I see copy and past does not work to well of there web site mmmm

it found 3 thousand and some problems and fixed all but two and said go to Advanced Tools  which I did ,
it then said I had to pay to fix them  mmmmm so I decided to replace  the computer ,as it was old

so once again  I saw this




well to day just to see ,I ran a free fix and scan  trial from AVG PC tuneup on my fairly new computer  well it found 4,513 problems took over an hour to repair  then guess what it repaired 4,512  but still had TWO  it could not Fix  ,so yep go to Advanced Tools which I did,
and once again it wanted payment of $29.99 to fix them  ,

so why bother to get you into running a free trial  tuneup,when it does not work

  they get you all concerned that you still have O M G  two problems ,

pull your hair out O M G what shall I do,

I have two problems ,beat your head on the desk I have to get rid of these problems  but I do not know what they are,

O M G let me give these guys $29.99 to fix my computer, 

why not just say it will cost $ 29.99 to fix the dam thing  if there is some wrong with it,

not just a free scan and Fix it

but what do we know , we just pay , so how many thousands  of people  send them $29.99 a month  to fix these two problems ,   Do we really  have them ,or does the scan soft wear just say that all the time ,

so I guess I will go some where else  thanks A V G but no thanks ,
because what is a AVG PC tuneup free scan and fix your computer 30 day  trial   if it does not work ,
is that what you wanted to know ,your AVG PC tuneup free scan and fix your computer 30 day  trial, did not work on two different computers for me,

so I went to remove this trial and it told me I still had 4,513 problems  so it did not fix any thing , let alone the two it could not fix , 
so it just totally wasted my time after running for an hour and 30 minuets telling me it was fixing  4,511 problems ,

I also emailed this to them ,, there reply ,,did they really read what I said  

Thank you for your email.
We apologize if your AVG product did not meet your expectations.

Our main goal is to keep our customers happy and satisfied. Therefore we receive very little negative feedback.

Feedback (both positive and negative) from customers is extremely important for our company. AVG Technologies carefully monitors the quality of AVG products and services and conscientiously works on their improvement.

If you have a specific experience with AVG Internet Security products that you would like to share with us, we would appreciate hearing about it. Your experience with AVG products and services will be very helpful to us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,