English Photographer Norman Parkinson one of the very best

 How did I forget to talk about Norman Parkinson ,

English Fashion ,Glamor photographer CBE (21 April 1913 – 15 February 1990), he had a great sense of humor  this is a self portrait

much of my inspiration is from his photography ,and just love his sense of composition it creates a great balance in his pictures , 

I ramble on about Richard Avedon , Guy Bourdin and many others, when Norman Parkinson was very much one of the best  ,

I do not see much out there about him on the web , but you have seen his photography  even if you do not recognize  his name ,

his sense of composition and use of light is just stunning  , a selection  of his work for the 1985 Pirelli Calendar these are perfect examples of some of the best Fashion Glamor shots ever, and his style

,remember this was 26 years ago ,

his art was Fashion Glamor and it's a style he created ,,it is still  widely copyed ,

here is a link about a show of his work , he was a great location photographer as well  unlike me, he disliked studio's , which I love to work in ,


  the man and his photography video