Happy Birthday at Denny's in Orange, CA. (yeah right)

I went to the forum meet up of photographers, makeup artists, stylists and models at Orlando Perez Photography studio in Orange County as I've done for almost a year.  When the forum finishes at 9:30 p.m., anywhere between 15-30 people go to Denny's Restaurant on 1695 E. Lincoln Ave Orange CA.  Restaurant #7593.  Which is not bad due to the economy of today, to have an influx once a month of free spending group.  So it happened to be this Thursday (March 31) that it was Orlando's birthday.

There was about 30+ that went to Denny's.  We grouped the tables so that we can keep the conversation going and the manager helped us move the tables around and was looking forward for us to have an enjoyable evening.  The host totally missed out 4 of us in taking our order.  We noticed this when food started to come out for other people.  We then had to talk to the manager to get the server to come back to our table to take our order.  So we'd nearly waited an hour, and then we had to wait approximately 30 minutes for our food to arrive.  Se we waited an hour and a half for our food.

The food is great at Denny's and I always enjoy my evening there with a bunch of great people. In conclusion of the evening which I think the group of us spent over $350 because of Orlando (since it was his birthday), Denny's makes a big fuss about giving the birthday individual a free meal.

Orlando takes advantage of this and his order was $9.00 plus he had an iced tea.  On checking out, they credited him the $9.00 for his meal, which he did not have to pay for.  But they insisted that he pay $2.49 for his iced tea.  In the 7 months that we've been going to Denny's, Orlando has never asked for anything and always paid his way.  So I think it's pitifully sad that they took in over $350 because of Orlando, but made him pay $2.49 for his iced tea.  The evening manager who we've seen a few times was well aware that we've been going there for 7 months.  So I'm somewhat sad and disappointed that the manager could not thank Orlando wishing him a happy birthday and say the iced tea is on us.

The manager knew about Orlando's birthday, because we had mentioned it to him the previous month.   But it looks like Denny's corporation wants that last dollar that they can get out of your pocket. Or the manager is trying to make points on look how good he is on how much money he can get into the restaurant.

Happy birthday at Denny's (yeah right). 
2 April

now having spoken to many people in our group that where there  at  Dennys ,  plus have read my Blog ,

are now saying lets go to another Restaurant ,


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