Mayhem model Megan Renee how did you do that ,I am asked ,well here is the answer about my ideas about photographing Tattoo Art

I love the art of tattoos ,Mayhem  model Megan Renee  

but wanted to shoot this art in a different way ,so created how I would show this, but made the whole image to be the image with the art,

now this was created as you see here ,the background was red ,the picture frame was hanging on two wires which I PS out ,but what the model Megan is doing  is just how I photographed it ,

we arranged the clothing to show her naked body in the frame but not in the rest of the image and had a white back ground behind for the picture frame ,

I like PS but still like just creating an image in camera as it takes 125of a sec to get the image and we created many more looks with this set up ,

it took maybe two hours to build this set up and just a few more minuets in PS  for each image

so to those that ask me ,I hope this helps ,