I just new I wanted to shoot this with her ,as she had shaved her hair of

I meet art figure model Nevaehlieh some time back but had not wanted to shoot with her as I do not shoot much Figure nude ,
but when I saw her  new look ,well  I am not sure what I thought other than I just loved it, she had shaved all her hair of ,so from long dark  hair to bald 

I have all ways like the painting girl with a peal earring and had wanted to use this as an inspiration to create my own ideas from,

I just new I wanted to shoot this with her, so we made arrangements for when she was next in Orange County we would get together ,

when she came into the studio she seamed different than when we last meet ,it was now she was very confident and just had a beautiful look about her ,

shaving her hair of had brought a new quality to her ,I just can not describe it,.it was a very vulnerable and Innocent  sort of look or feeling there was nothing to hide behind ,

as a photographer and artist this was a really rewarding photoshoot ,

just the open rawness of her look with  the peal earring was so open and beautiful I just totally love all that we created she brought so much in to this idea of mine,
Nevaehlieh made it her own  that I have no interest in shooting this again with any one else,

we found the look and direction and shot this in far less time than I expected ,

I have posted the painting ,not the same but you maybe can see where the idea came from.

also this was created as a reflection ,so I was shooting her reflection not her she was behind and to the side of me ,

just gives a different look and feel to the image ,maybe shows more in the colour images but I just love these in black and white ,

I also used some Leather earrings created by Designer Mila Gokhman with her as well which I have posted on here ,



  1. I have had a photographers crush on Nevaehlieh for many years, then she shaved her head and now I have to find a way to Cali so I can work with her. She is an amazing woman and you did her GREAT justice.

    I made a very quick wallpaper for my own use with this last image. This is it http://insomniacstudios.net/models/Nevaehlieh/NevaehLleh-PhillipRitchie_wall.jpg I will remove it or share it, whichever you prefer, but I wanted you to see it at the very least.

    Well done sir, you have a new admirer of your work.

    John D. Williams
    Insomniac Studios

  2. This is a stunning series


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