Melvin Sokolsky Photographer at Orange Coast College of Photography 16 April Orange County CA

 was very pleased to meet and chat with  Melvin Sokolsky at  Orange Coast College Photography , for a while to day 16 April  before his lecture, great admirer of his photography and his vision ,

one of the best lectures that I have been to, very informal yet still full of information and he was very much there for every body ,

 Melvin Sokolsky spoke about the what and why of his vision  in photography and his answer's to question's where very honest  and you could still feel his passion for photography even after a career of 50 years, moderated by John Upton  who posed same great question's to him ,

so I thank Melvin Sokolsky  , Orange Coast College  and  MOPLA  for making this happen ,
you all made my day,

so go here for Melvin Sokolsky      web site   and enjoy his work as much as I have

Episode 0018 - Interview with Melvin Sokolsky, Canon Explorer of Light and Fashion & Advertising Photographer from David E Warner on Vimeo.

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