All the lonely people

No greater burden can be borne by an individual ,than to know ,no one cares or understands. Arthur H Stainback ,
Hence my title ,  all the lonely people , these where my thoughts, in creating this picture  ,  now to write about it, that's hard for me ,even thou I created it and Michelle understood the concept, just sometimes I can not get my thoughts down ,

So I asked Elise to write about her feelings and thought of this image ,  hopefully I can get her to do more ,as I really like the way she has with words, brings so much more to the picture ,
The model  Michelle, I guess was maybe my first muse we worked together many, many times,  purely for the love of creating emotions and feelings in pictures ,and it was a few years back , have never shown these before , it is part of the unfinished series , as she was taken ill and I never heard from her again ,  this is one of many, I will post of Michelle from  the unfinished series

the thoughts of Elise ,

The drive for happiness seems to be the main struggle in these harsh times. Its only normal isn't it? 
The strive to feel bliss surrounding you filling your pores, consuming ever inch of your body. 
The absolute power and control that comes with the peace of finally know that everything is in its place.
Instead we have a vast struggle, an addition that leads us father away from this place. We pick apart realty, bending its truths, only to create a place where this goal cannot be achieved. 
We distort the true reality of our minds,
often picking apart fact and desires until we can no long know the truth ourselves. Most of today youth, myself included are self sabotaging.
Its not that we don't want to achieve happiness. Instinct would have you convinced that one does it to protect themselves or from fear, hurt or failure. 
But its different all together.
Its the feeling of emotion at its finest, although negative it makes us feel alive, it calms in the storm.The desire and hurt that breads out of want, 
is a rush in itself. You can feel the power in  acceptance, in the feel of helpless and being broken. 
The more one breaks themselves down the more they feel alive, the fall in itself traps us back into the cycle, knowing that every time it kills a piece of us we awakened. Even though  its damages us ,some people cant stop. 

 self downfall is our generations drug. 


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