PFPO a Professional Group , using my photography

   PFPO  this is who they are , But  they are using two of my images in there Video ,

But they did not ask for my permission ,  MMMM  Professional

   an International Organization of Professional Fashion Photographers, Models, Make-up Artists, Lighting technicians, Wardrobe stylist, Hair Stylists, Modeling Agencies, and Magazine Professionals. they began in 2009 with a mission to establish legitimacy and professionalism in the fashion industry through a carefully managed system of certification.

this is there Video  

 Professional mmm
, maybe I should send in my portfolio for approval  ,

these  are the two images they are using , now I have had 17 emails from photographers that recognized my work ,so they are getting a lot of looks from photographers, but not clients I need,, so it is not doing any thing for me ,

so am I happy about this

my answer  yes &  no ,

I am pleased that my work is recognized ,but not pleased they just took my work and used it with out asking for permission to use on there  commercial Video ,

what to do ,what to do  ?