the upside down and inside out dress

I had to make more room at my studio as the wardrobe was getting out of control,
I had Elise  my makeup artist and model come over to give me a hand  ,she has a more up-to date idea about fashion , so we did get ride of a load of stuff,
  Elise spotted a skirt and a really cool leather coat that she liked , well what do you say she smiled  batted  her eye lashes at me mmmm well  that won me over

I mean she did volunteer to help ,plus Elise looked cool in them ,so she went home with them on ,
any way my reason to post was,I found the dress that I had used upside down and inside out, it just did not do to much the right way ,

when the model put it on it fit great, but just did nothing for me ,

So some times just look at some thing from a different direction, that is what happened here ,

mind you the model made it all so easy she laughed when I got her to wear it upside down and inside out she just played it up ,
we had so many great shots ,these are just a few to show  model Dorothy in her upside down and inside out dress , also she just had to wear this floppy hat,

In some of the shots she just had to look away because she kept laughing, and so did we all

,    just love photo shoots like this ,with a model that can bring it on ,
yet still give you what you need, but make it a shoot you wont forget , thank you  Dorothy you are an amazing model