when you need a light that you think you do not have

when you need a light ,that you think you do not have it ,or when there is know time to go rent one ,
this is what happened a while back I found this test image with Lianda so thought I would post this and why ,

I had a fashion beauty shoot coming up and they had spoke about a ring flash or a direct light centered on the models face so the light would be equal distance but still show some shadow on the side of her face and under her chin but not under her nose and just one catch light with no other shadows ,so it was decided not to use a ring flash ,

I gave this some thought ,and there maybe many ways to do this,
but I wanted to see if I could achieve this with what I had .

so I placed a 32"x 24 soft box right in front of her level with her face , so now  you say mmm well you can not see her and you can not stand in front of the soft box ,

so I took the baffles out of the soft box and made a  long tube of card the same depth of the soft box , then placed this over the lens put the tube in through from the back of the soft box    below the strobe with the camera out side the back of the soft box ,
this way a center light ,one catch light and no light getting in to the lens plus the light is equal in F stop yet we have shadow on the side of her cheeks as asked ,
I think Lianda who has been my muse for some years ,still thinks I am a little strange, but because she is so cool she does not complain ,but does look at me in some sort of odd way .
will post the beauty shot later which is in colour , but just had to make my test shot black and white  ,


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