Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Virus ,Boot Tidserv,, Nortons does not work

got this virus  Boot Tidserv ,

pop up adds ,slow computer ,redirect ,can not even get  to the web site some times  ,so have Norton's  came up Failed to remove , fix it your self that's just great ,That's why I bought Norton's , all makes know sense to me ,

loads of free scans ,but all want $49.95 or $29 95 to fix it because the free scan and Fix your computer dose not fix any thing so why not say it  ,its this much to fix the dam thing ,,so much BS and so many scams

plus know one says it will really remove this piece of shit Virus Boot Tidserv

what is the point of it , Up pops  an Add then  freezes your computer ,so do you want to buy this stuff in the Add , I have know idea of the mentality for this

so any real ideas how to fix this ,

all is good  I used this


and all is OK,, my computer runs better than ever,,

  thank you David
David Winge said...
It's Malware, Windows Defender should have worked if it was up to date, but another way is to boot into safe mode by pressing the F8 key and using Malwarebytes: http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free

Monday, May 30, 2011

Where time stood still

This is another of those why did I do this?

Once again the answer is I have no idea other then I just enjoy working in between my commercial shoots with creative models.

And this is one where the model said if only time stood still, so I could get more done.

So I noticed on my studio wall  we had an old school clock. So I thought she could stand on the clock where time would stand still and she would keep moving.

This is another one of the three exposures  in one frame. Plus the model is a dancer.

A model in color with an abstract background

I worked with this model a while back, where I had an idea that I wanted the backgrounds to be abstract instead of just a white or gray backdrop.

So I used material hanging behind her with a fan to create background with motion blur.

I loved working with this model and she has now become a photographer.

Model creating a self portrait

The model said she would like to create a portrait, so I said as in a painting,
upon which she laughed and said I cannot paint.

So I replied with maybe we can create you as an artist painting yourself in the nude, she looked at me and I said yes, you will be naked.

She laughed again and said awesome, lets do this. so this is what we created.

what to do when a designer needs a manikin

The answer is to get a beautiful model and cut her in half; put the top half on the table, and make sure she has bendy arms.

There you go, presto one manikin. So thank you Mandy for becoming our manikin for the day.

The idea was thought up by Andrea and I created the concept for her, she is a professional makeup artist and her work is stunning and she is also working in wardrobe.

long Dress for tall Model but I have a beautiful short model

this dress was designed for a 5' 11' plus heels = 6'4" model  ,

so what to do ,

well maybe we can nail some blocks of wood to her shoes  (just joking ) , maybe not mmmm

lets just get a plastic bucket cut  it and use it upside down plus put some 2x4 wood in side , worked great ,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Film Noir , Private Detective ,Mikey Spillane , Mike Hammer , Stacy Keach ,Graflex ,Curvy model

many years ago before I even thought about being a photographer ,

I read the paper backs by Author Mickey Spillane about Mike Hammer Private Detective ,
these where really cool books to read ,because I was in England and life in England was not like this,

then in 1984 to 1987 a TV Show about the  adventures of  Mike Hammer  the fictitious private detective created by crime novelist Mickey Spillane, as he hunts down criminals on the mean streets of New York  While firmly situated in the 1980s, the tone of the show also incorporated elements of classic film noir  with actor Stacy Keach as Mike Hammer

now this was a must see show , just liked the whole thing about it ,

well just recently I meet a model who had that more curvy look , plus a very good friend retired  CA portrait photographer Tom Lewis , he had an old Graflex  speed graphics camera that had belonged to his dad, and he just reminded me of a Private Detective ,

so with all these elements an Idea stared to form  about a Private detective taking pictures of a curvy girl in a motel room ,
thinking he was onto a good thing ,he gave her his gun to play with  mmmm bad mistake ,
so here are some in a Film Noir style  that I created in my studio, so now you can see where I was going with my heading ,

more from the idea about High-definition television (or HDTV)

I get caught up in ideas and just have to keep going with it, so just some more of my ideas about HD TV or the way I look at it ,

which was hell this week as I was very busy shooting new sunglasses for JJansen designs and other product ,

but I did get a chance to work with Michelle a 16 year old model,who I have worked with for 8 years,
plus Elise who is a Makeup artist / Hair Stylist and an awesome model .

here are just some of JJansen  new Catalog images we are working on and more of the HD TV with Deveraux


an Evening at D M Gremlin Studios hosted by Wendy plus Ken got a shot of the Sneaky Streaker

 mmmmm so text is all in Green,mmmmm have know idea how to change it ,
so any way I went to there May open house D M Gremlin Studio in Long Beach CA with photographer Orlando Perez, here is a link to his blog about the evening at DM Gremlin.  Orlando Perez Photography blog
it really is a cool studio and Wendy is a cool host plus she is also photographer  as well ,
meet many new faces and some I know well , during the evening there was a little commotion during a photoshoot when the Sneaky Streaker wizzzzed through the set ,
there where maybe 7 photographers and only one 

Ken McFarland managed to get a shot of the Sneaky Streaker ,so watch out he is getting around ,

 Email from Wendy
Hi everyone!
I want to thank everyone who came out to the D. M. Gremlin Studios Open House on May 20. It was great to meet some of you for the first time, and looking forward to seeing you back.  And of course wonderful to have some of you returning for the usual monthly madness.  Such as that 'Sneaky Streaker.'  Who would have thought we'd be graced with an appearance! :D
Meanwhile, here is some followup information about the studio for those new to booking here, and a link to the event thread in the forums where anyone is welcome to share photos from the evening, both candid shots and finished images of our lovely model, Pearl.
Regardless of posting or sending images to me, though, I do expect each photographer who shot to follow up with Pearl and send her at least a few jpg files in appreciation of her time modeling for the group for the evening.  Thank you, and thank you once more to Pearl, too.
For those who have not yet had their first shoot here, studio booking information can be found at http://www.dm-gremlin.com/photo/rates.html.  Scroll down below the rate chart to find booking information, including a bulleted list of the details I need to receive for reservation requests.  And please remember to make sure and send your first-time reservation request at least 5-7 business days in advance, to allow for the information exchange and advance payment process that applies to first-time bookings.
As far as posting photos - the thread in the studio's forum for this month's event is here:
Please feel free to register for the forum and post images - I believe the forum accepts jpg files up to 350kb.
Upcoming events: I have one spot left open in my Intro to Studio Photo Shooting class happening this Thursday May 26.  If anyone would like to join in for that class, please drop me a note to arrange registration. I also have three spots open in a beginner level lighting practice session on June 13.  Info for that event: http://www.dm-gremlin.com/photo/ISS.html.
I will be sending out the studio's monthly events announcement email for June around the first week of the month, including information about June's Open House (now set for June 24), and more of Adam Chilson's amazing themed events happening in June and July.
Again thank you very much, and I will look forward to seeing everyone back at the studio for upcoming shoots and events!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

High-definition television (or HDTV) plus a model from Model Mayhem

This was an idea I came up with when talking to friends about HD TV ,so this is a test of the idea  just about the more colour saturation look it has ,

   was very happy when model Devaurx  said she had time to pop in and work with me ,

now when you are testing an idea, its sort of best to have a model that will laugh with you, as you try to bring your ideas in to reality because they do not always work,
so music laughter and snacks where part of the shoot ,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kathryn got her groove back

I think Kathryn had been busy and maybe working to hard ,because when she came  to update her Agency head shot,it just did not work,

I have know Kathryn a few years and  have photographed her many many times ,but for some reason, I just could not see  her look ,it was gone,
so we decided to wait a few days she would get back to her acting lessons and come in again

Kathryn had done her own makeup and hair ,she does nice work ,but I felt she needed a boost ,
so I booked  Elise makeup artist and hair stylist  who I work with at the my studio most of the time, as I felt Kathryn needed this boost ,,added more to the cost for her photo shoot  but so worth it ,
when she came on set ,she new she looked  amazing, her eyes where alive Kathryn had her Groove back and it showed , we could  do no wrong, the magic was there ,

just two from the many we took,
we did take a few extra because when the magic is there you stay with it .

Friday, May 6, 2011

Jen Amber fashion model from Model Mayhem in (at the point of no return in 125th of a second)

I have been on Model Mayhem for some years now and you get to see and hear a lot about models ,
well  model Jen Amber was one of those ,she has been on there for a few years as well ,
 had all ways admired her work plus had only heard good things about her ,

well some time back  our paths crossed in email on MM ,  over some period of time we had tried to get together on an idea I had ,but both of us had all ways  been busy to get the time together ,

well she told me she would be here in LA CA  with some time available on  May  4 so rearranged my schedule to work with her ,

I have been working on some chair  ideas and wanted to create some about balancing  a chair on two or three legs ,with the model creating the point of balance which is the point of no return  all I needed was 125th of a second 

Jen was up for this ,

she is just an amazing person ,you hear so much about models and then you meet them and its not what you thought ,,

well with Jen it was all true and more ,

she is all that you want ,fun professional and just works until you get it ,plus she knows her body and gave great input to get these looks I wanted ,

Jen Amber thank you for being you and going through hell to get these ,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Olympic athletes inspired by Arthur Elgort 1990 Pirelli Calendar

there is some thing about the beauty and strength of an athletes body , I always remembered Arthur Elgort photography for the 1990 Pirelli Calendar so that inspired me when  I had the chance to work with a model  who is a sports Athlete ,

just love the strength of her muscle toned body with her feminine curves ,