an Evening at D M Gremlin Studios hosted by Wendy plus Ken got a shot of the Sneaky Streaker

 mmmmm so text is all in Green,mmmmm have know idea how to change it ,
so any way I went to there May open house D M Gremlin Studio in Long Beach CA with photographer Orlando Perez, here is a link to his blog about the evening at DM Gremlin.  Orlando Perez Photography blog
it really is a cool studio and Wendy is a cool host plus she is also photographer  as well ,
meet many new faces and some I know well , during the evening there was a little commotion during a photoshoot when the Sneaky Streaker wizzzzed through the set ,
there where maybe 7 photographers and only one 

Ken McFarland managed to get a shot of the Sneaky Streaker ,so watch out he is getting around ,

 Email from Wendy
Hi everyone!
I want to thank everyone who came out to the D. M. Gremlin Studios Open House on May 20. It was great to meet some of you for the first time, and looking forward to seeing you back.  And of course wonderful to have some of you returning for the usual monthly madness.  Such as that 'Sneaky Streaker.'  Who would have thought we'd be graced with an appearance! :D
Meanwhile, here is some followup information about the studio for those new to booking here, and a link to the event thread in the forums where anyone is welcome to share photos from the evening, both candid shots and finished images of our lovely model, Pearl.
Regardless of posting or sending images to me, though, I do expect each photographer who shot to follow up with Pearl and send her at least a few jpg files in appreciation of her time modeling for the group for the evening.  Thank you, and thank you once more to Pearl, too.
For those who have not yet had their first shoot here, studio booking information can be found at  Scroll down below the rate chart to find booking information, including a bulleted list of the details I need to receive for reservation requests.  And please remember to make sure and send your first-time reservation request at least 5-7 business days in advance, to allow for the information exchange and advance payment process that applies to first-time bookings.
As far as posting photos - the thread in the studio's forum for this month's event is here:
Please feel free to register for the forum and post images - I believe the forum accepts jpg files up to 350kb.
Upcoming events: I have one spot left open in my Intro to Studio Photo Shooting class happening this Thursday May 26.  If anyone would like to join in for that class, please drop me a note to arrange registration. I also have three spots open in a beginner level lighting practice session on June 13.  Info for that event:
I will be sending out the studio's monthly events announcement email for June around the first week of the month, including information about June's Open House (now set for June 24), and more of Adam Chilson's amazing themed events happening in June and July.
Again thank you very much, and I will look forward to seeing everyone back at the studio for upcoming shoots and events!


  1. AHA! There's that Sneaky Streaker! Nice job Ken, getting the shot, and Philip, hope your experience at the Open House wasn't 'marred' too much by the Oh-So-RUDE interruption of this mysterious guy! :P

    Thank you for coming, and for posting the studio info. :)


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