Film Noir , Private Detective ,Mikey Spillane , Mike Hammer , Stacy Keach ,Graflex ,Curvy model

many years ago before I even thought about being a photographer ,

I read the paper backs by Author Mickey Spillane about Mike Hammer Private Detective ,
these where really cool books to read ,because I was in England and life in England was not like this,

then in 1984 to 1987 a TV Show about the  adventures of  Mike Hammer  the fictitious private detective created by crime novelist Mickey Spillane, as he hunts down criminals on the mean streets of New York  While firmly situated in the 1980s, the tone of the show also incorporated elements of classic film noir  with actor Stacy Keach as Mike Hammer

now this was a must see show , just liked the whole thing about it ,

well just recently I meet a model who had that more curvy look , plus a very good friend retired  CA portrait photographer Tom Lewis , he had an old Graflex  speed graphics camera that had belonged to his dad, and he just reminded me of a Private Detective ,

so with all these elements an Idea stared to form  about a Private detective taking pictures of a curvy girl in a motel room ,
thinking he was onto a good thing ,he gave her his gun to play with  mmmm bad mistake ,
so here are some in a Film Noir style  that I created in my studio, so now you can see where I was going with my heading ,


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