Jen Amber fashion model from Model Mayhem in (at the point of no return in 125th of a second)

I have been on Model Mayhem for some years now and you get to see and hear a lot about models ,
well  model Jen Amber was one of those ,she has been on there for a few years as well ,
 had all ways admired her work plus had only heard good things about her ,

well some time back  our paths crossed in email on MM ,  over some period of time we had tried to get together on an idea I had ,but both of us had all ways  been busy to get the time together ,

well she told me she would be here in LA CA  with some time available on  May  4 so rearranged my schedule to work with her ,

I have been working on some chair  ideas and wanted to create some about balancing  a chair on two or three legs ,with the model creating the point of balance which is the point of no return  all I needed was 125th of a second 

Jen was up for this ,

she is just an amazing person ,you hear so much about models and then you meet them and its not what you thought ,,

well with Jen it was all true and more ,

she is all that you want ,fun professional and just works until you get it ,plus she knows her body and gave great input to get these looks I wanted ,

Jen Amber thank you for being you and going through hell to get these ,


  1. Fantastic work Phillip!!! You AND Jen!

  2. Stunning. More please :)

  3. these are fantastic! Love it!


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