Kathryn got her groove back

I think Kathryn had been busy and maybe working to hard ,because when she came  to update her Agency head shot,it just did not work,

I have know Kathryn a few years and  have photographed her many many times ,but for some reason, I just could not see  her look ,it was gone,
so we decided to wait a few days she would get back to her acting lessons and come in again

Kathryn had done her own makeup and hair ,she does nice work ,but I felt she needed a boost ,
so I booked  Elise makeup artist and hair stylist  who I work with at the my studio most of the time, as I felt Kathryn needed this boost ,,added more to the cost for her photo shoot  but so worth it ,
when she came on set ,she new she looked  amazing, her eyes where alive Kathryn had her Groove back and it showed , we could  do no wrong, the magic was there ,

just two from the many we took,
we did take a few extra because when the magic is there you stay with it .