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Beautiful Redhead Russian model Maryann , Black and White and color

once more using my studio beach  with Russian model Maryann ,

this was shot at my Studio in Costa Mesa CA  the sky is photo shopped in

Colour photography using the beach in my studio OC CA

although I create more of my work in Black and White, these are some with my use of colour, blue gels and photo shop

model E_R_E_K_A ,stunning, beautiful and naked at my Studio Beach

E_R_E_K_A  is just one of the best models ever, loved creating these black and white shots at my studio beach with her

black and white photography using the beach in my studio OC CA

black and white my style of photography  at the beach ,

the best Beach in OC CA is in my studio ,sand sun and fun

well I think it is the best beach in OC  easy parking, AC if it is to hot, wind if you put the fan on, sunshine 24 hours ,or night time all day if you need it , music, and you can work 24x7  because it is all in my studio  ,

Sneaky Streaker payed a vist to Orlando Perez Photography CA

Stopped by to see photographer Orlando at his studio  in Orange CA as I was in the Area,

  we where chatting on set when the model torrid  let out a yell OMG its the sneaky streaker,
 we both looked to see his mua Nixxi  looking amazed ,and Torrid was so quick she grabbed his pants leg as he whizzed  by,
  the sneaky streaker was going so fast he could not stop, and Torrid had such a grip on his pants leg , he left his pants behind , but Orlando did get one shot ,
I was amazed at how fast Torrid was in grabbing his pants ,so watch out sneaky streaker you may not be that fast .

working in photo shop to create an image ,that is not just black and white

Some times I create an image that needs to be more than just black and white ,
 this is one,
  I put a layer over this image to create a very different look , I never worked in a dark room so to me the ease of photoshop is the only way I know ,
  to preview as you work is very much part of the overall process to achieve the vision you have ,

Black Male Nude Figure, black and white photography at my studio

Black male nude model at my studio ,one of the best I have worked with ,

Nude Figure black and white Studio photography

a saw horse ,an upside chair covered in a large painters drop cloth ,plus a  piece of wood to create a different look in my studio,
plus two other looks in figure nude with a totally beautiful at Fifty model  , just an amazing body and a super nice person ,

Base Ball the reality in HD TV with Model Mayhem Model Elise

had a chance to work with Elise on a Base Ball concept about HD reality TV where it is more than just a HD picture,
it's like the model is there with you in the same room, these are just some of the ideas we created

can you here me 
so you wanna play

  just remember don't get to close  or it may pull you in

What you may need to know ,to be a model on Model Mayhem part 4

this is just part of my what it takes to be a model series , hopefully the picture will tell the story ,
I have worked  with  model Kelly many times ,she is my concept model , 

 why you say ,

I think the world of her because she is there for my out there concepts ,willing ,hard working ,funny never flakes and  just a dam nice girl, wish more models where like her,

just go back and look at some of the stuff I have done with her ,the Broken doll,
dog eating models arm ,

Kelly may not be 5" 9" but to me she is ,  also what a model should bring in to my studio is respect and creativity when we work on Ideas ,
 Kelly does every time ,and wants the concept to happen ,so yes I love  working with her ,

  have  also put up the three head shots that makeup artist Elise created for this ,

Chanel Rene Photographer Open house meetup at her studio and yes the streaker paid a vist

yep that sneaky streaker made a very quick visit to Chanel's  Open house meetup at her Studio on Sunday     Chanel,s studio link
Studio OC
10562 Bechler River
Fountain Valley, CA 92708  

Kevin was the only photographer out of 17 to get a picture of the sneaky streaker,

even I and Orlando did not see him. as he is so fast ,only one model saw him and had to be treated for shock ,she said he was just a blur

but Kevin showed us a pic on his camera to prove it , and here is the picture .

They seek him here, they seek him there
Those Photographers  seek him everywhere, but are they quick enough ,

Ewin Blumenfeld 1950 Photograph is new again ,Harper's Bazaar

Back in 2009 I recreated one of the 7 images that Rankin had done for his 7 images that changed Fashion ,

This one was created by photographer Erwin Blumenfeld in 1950 remember there was no photoshop in 1950 ,and this image he created was shoot in black and white then bleached and colored for January 1950  Vogue cover ,

  It was shot with model Jean Patchett in 1949 to be the cover For Vogue  January 1950 ,
Model Kelly  sent me an email with this image from Harper's Bazaar not sure which month or who the photographer was, as could not find it on Google,

but it is nice to see great images being recreated not forgotten , so have put all 4 images up 

some of JJansen Jewelry Designs in Jewelry are becoming fine art in Black and white nude photography

Black and White  worked so well for this  jewelry shot ,

As there was no colour in this jewelry designs from ( JJansen Designs) to show, so we decided to shoot the model nude ,

a link to her web site

Creating a different look in the studio for a Pregnant model

Just moving away from a studio look ,

even thou we are shooting in the studio for this, the model thought a beach look in black and white would be great as wall hanging art work ,

so this is some of  what I created for her ,and it is all created in the studio just PS for black and white ,

Jillian Bader in VS Pink from the Agency Arizona Models

some models just leave a great impression on me, when I work with them,
even thou it was a while ago Jillian Bader from the Agency Arizona Models was one of those,

just love how her black and whites came out , just a stunning model and so focused  but fun ,,so have posted a couple here ,

Albert Watson:Photographer his thoughts

the thoughts of Albert Watson Photographer are the way I think ,but he says it a lot better than me ,

so maybe watch this interview of him .

and then go to his web site you will recognize a lot of his images

his web site

another How did you do that Model Nicole Duminie

in response to some emails about how I create some of my images (about back grounds)

there is a blue gel on the back studio wall , some odd bits of wood on the floor Nicole is 12' from the wall two lights on Nicole,
on her right a small soft box feathered towards me , on her left small soft box with one baffle removed and closer to her ,

  we sprayed  Nicole with water ,it was shot just as you see, in  jpeg  there is no photo shop ,

then here  is the Black and white conversion in photo shop ,

that is all that has been done

, I hope this helps ,

still having problems with my Computer so another FixCleaner misdirection

so I was recommended to run and Fix your computer use Fixcleaner ,so it does all its stuff and says  yes  you have all this wrong with your computer , click here and Fix all

they get your email and the next page you need to pay to fix  , $69.95 but we have a special $34.95

why not say up front ,instead of all this misleading crap that you have to pay in the first place ,

its like Norton's , keeps telling me with a Popup window ever 10 minuets ,that I have a problem but Norton can not fix it ,but I need to Fix it ,

what to do , what to do ,

plus a guy came by my studio said I can fix your computer  $300 cash  upfront ,will take 3 hours  

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a Broken Doll ,, I have re-posted this with the thoughts of Elise( from her Blog )

I really like the way Elise thinks and writes so have re-posted this from her Blog ,

Do we look at a model and just see just what is on the outside? So, when they fall and break, are they just an empty shell? 

Do they become a broken doll just to be thrown away? a broken doll just to be thrown away?" 

if asked, most I believe would agree that models have a stereo type of being empty, and hollow,.
For whatever reason, the general consensus about them, is that they are shallow and therefor a hollow soul empty on the inside.
Based on a bijork music video phillip was inspired to create the image in which the model, kelly v, lies on the floor broken.

In the video the pursuit of being perfect and  striving for an imposable to reach vision of  conceived perfection, causes the ultimate destruction and downfall of the main character.

I believe that we are all like the doll face,

we strive to reach what society views as what we should be,  what we should dream, or even  what to …

Natural Beauty shines through at Famous Dave's BBQ in Orange

Sunday  5 June was another busy morning at the studio getting ready for this coming  week and finishing up some editing ,
also wanted to go over to Orlando Photography Studio in Orange to go over some ideas with him about his open forum meeting he has once a month ,

while there he said lunch ,

so we went to Famous Daves BBQ Shack 2214 N Tustin Street Orange well did not meet Famous Dave but did meet the Famous amazing David ,who gave us sum ribs to try,
but before then we had  ordered smokey burger and fries  , when it was brought out as we where sitting in the outside patio ,

is when I saw the very natural beauty of Megan tall slim with her hair pulled back showing her high cheek bones and beautiful eyes,
any way she went into her spill about all the Famous Daves BBQ Sauce very interesting speaks well great diction she would be a great spoke person ,

but her beauty is more than on the surface her beauty is from within , it is not often I see or mention anyone but Megan did catch my a…

Black and white photography to colour and comercial with Elise Makeup artist and a Mayhem Model

had booked makeup artist Elise for a commercial shoot with  JJansen designs,
 but alas our model from LA was having car trouble so said we would  reschedule with her,

but what to do now as we where ready  to shoot ,
well had been working with Elise as a model , but we needed a more glamor look and Elise likes the world of black and white photographer and may say more on the darker side as well ,

  any way we had some wigs in hand and some sets of jewelry to shoot,
so Elise said well let me become some one else,

  she really amazed me it was she became another model, but before we started we did shoot some black and white ,, so have posted them and her glamor look with JJansen Jewelry Designs ,