Black and white photography to colour and comercial with Elise Makeup artist and a Mayhem Model

had booked makeup artist Elise for a commercial shoot with  JJansen designs,
 but alas our model from LA was having car trouble so said we would  reschedule with her,

but what to do now as we where ready  to shoot ,
well had been working with Elise as a model , but we needed a more glamor look and Elise likes the world of black and white photographer and may say more on the darker side as well ,

  any way we had some wigs in hand and some sets of jewelry to shoot,
so Elise said well let me become some one else,

  she really amazed me it was she became another model, but before we started we did shoot some black and white ,, so have posted them and her glamor look with JJansen Jewelry Designs ,


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