a Broken Doll ,, I have re-posted this with the thoughts of Elise( from her Blog )

 I really like the way Elise thinks and writes so have re-posted this from her Blog ,
 Do we look at a model and just see just what is on the outside? So, when they fall and break, are they just an empty shell? 

Do they become a broken doll just to be thrown away? a broken doll just to be thrown away?" 

if asked, most I believe would agree that models have a stereo type of being empty, and hollow,.
For whatever reason, the general consensus about them, is that they are shallow and therefor a hollow soul empty on the inside.
Based on a bijork music video phillip was inspired to create the image in which the model, kelly v, lies on the floor broken.

In the video the pursuit of being perfect and  striving for an imposable to reach vision of  conceived perfection, causes the ultimate destruction and downfall of the main character.  

I believe that we are all like the doll face,

we strive to reach what society views as what we should be,  what we should dream, or even  what to look like.
It is wanting these false things to look up too, that make a person hollow.

We all strive for unreachable and unrealistic goals and it is when we don't reach them, that we fall.
If any of us fall we can break, and when broken we all feel like that empty shell.

We ourselves are doll faces.