Ewin Blumenfeld 1950 Photograph is new again ,Harper's Bazaar

Back in 2009 I recreated one of the 7 images that Rankin had done for his 7 images that changed Fashion ,

This one was created by photographer Erwin Blumenfeld in 1950 remember there was no photoshop in 1950 ,and this image he created was shoot in black and white then bleached and colored for January 1950  Vogue cover ,

  It was shot with model Jean Patchett in 1949 to be the cover For Vogue  January 1950 ,
Model Kelly  sent me an email with this image from Harper's Bazaar not sure which month or who the photographer was, as could not find it on Google,

but it is nice to see great images being recreated not forgotten , so have put all 4 images up 


  1. It is amazing how some of the best things, never go out of style...


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