ll giardino ristorante, Italian Food ,Newport Beach CA

Saturday 4 June was a busy day much editing to get finished ,

plus had booked  model Deveraux in at the last minute for the after noon to finish of an Idea I had  ,
, have worked with her many times before and  now she is beginning to under stand how I work ,
makes it much easier for me , and as she lives about 5 minuets from my studio  more later on this shoot
I had also planned on going out in the evening and catching up with Orlando  a fellow photographer , which I did and we both agreed to go ll giardino ristorante for Dinner,

4647 MacArthur Boulevard Newport Beach, CA 92660  (949) 660-1010

  this is our second time there . 

Chef Angelo has created a menu where the food is just like in Italy…his menu is an array of selections with something sure to please every member of your party or group. the food looks and smells as good as it tastes, satisfying the true Italian spirit whether it's the sea bass grilled to perfection or the Penne Norma with eggplant or a refreshing spinach beet salad, Chef Angelo has all the finest ingredients capturing the true essence of Italian cuisine steeped in tradition.

we sat in the out side  but inside patio, great music and as it was not to busy so we had 3 servers or what ever they are called now ,great  food and super people,

one kept telling me about Hummers or his name was Hummer or he drove a Hummer well he speaks Italian so what do I know , I may have it all wrong ,

they have a great list of wines  and some do speak English ,as I said food is just excellent  ,

so if your looking for a great dining adventure try them ,  a link to there web site ll giardino ristorante newport beach