still having problems with my Computer so another FixCleaner misdirection

so I was recommended to run and Fix your computer use Fixcleaner ,so it does all its stuff and says  yes  you have all this wrong with your computer , click here and Fix all

they get your email and the next page you need to pay to fix  , $69.95 but we have a special $34.95

why not say up front ,instead of all this misleading crap that you have to pay in the first place ,

its like Norton's , keeps telling me with a Popup window ever 10 minuets ,that I have a problem but Norton can not fix it ,but I need to Fix it ,

what to do , what to do ,

plus a guy came by my studio said I can fix your computer  $300 cash  upfront ,will take 3 hours  

Now Only $69.95
Very Special Offer!
This is a one time charge and you will never be rebilled!