What you may need to know ,to be a model on Model Mayhem part 4

this is just part of my what it takes to be a model series , hopefully the picture will tell the story ,
I have worked  with  model Kelly many times ,she is my concept model , 

 why you say ,

I think the world of her because she is there for my out there concepts ,willing ,hard working ,funny never flakes and  just a dam nice girl, wish more models where like her,

just go back and look at some of the stuff I have done with her ,the Broken doll,
dog eating models arm ,

Kelly may not be 5" 9" but to me she is ,  also what a model should bring in to my studio is respect and creativity when we work on Ideas ,
 Kelly does every time ,and wants the concept to happen ,so yes I love  working with her ,

  have  also put up the three head shots that makeup artist Elise created for this ,