Tuesday, July 26, 2011

may be not a Pinup, and not my usual style with model Deveraux from Model Mayhem

During a shoot with Deveraux and Annn , Deveraux had this idea

,well I always try and have time between shoots and setting up to maybe create some of the model ideas,

so as we had these guns, I said sure lets play for a while, wanted an all white background which to me makes it  look more like a pinup shot not fashion ,

Not Charlie's Angels

This was just one of those unexpected  images,  Annn and Deveraux where standing on set and I could see there shadow and It just reminded of the TV show Charlie's  Angels,

so as I had time we grabbed the guns from another shoot I had done,

set this up with one light, to get the shadows, shot 4 frames and we had it, just awesome models to work with, just love the outcome ,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

some models have an amazing personality then add Edie Henry Fashion stylist = one great photo shoot

these are some of the fashion ideas created by Edie Henry link to her web / blog with model  Amaz   
who knows what to do, under stands what a model is, and how to bring it on  ,,she laughs is fun with a personality we all love , these are just a selection of Edie's styling test shots cropped unedited for client preview ,and just some we love



French Model Severine with a Fencing Foil a light slender flexible sword

Have worked with French model Severine  a few times when she is here in the US,

I do not speak much french and she does not speak a lot of English but with sign language we totally under stand  each other and get on  ,

this is one about Fencing just love the body shape and style it creates,

I did have a professional swords man  come in and help  for a while so Severine did not put this Foil through my heart   ,

I may do some more of these,

the dam sneaker streaky, streaked at my photo shoot with Jessi June ,nude model from Model Mayhem

I was getting set up with lights for my HD TV photo shoot with Jessi June and Had the Makeup artist hair stylist Ashley Gannon  sit in as part of this,

the doors where looked as the model was nude, so how in the world did the sneaky streaker, sneak in to do his sneaky streaking ,

, poor Jessi he frightened the crap right out of her,

she was incoherent for about ten minuets did not know her right from left   was just babbling about how fast the streaker was and where did he come from

but I did get one picture ,

HD TV with Play Boy model Jessi June so real, it can almost become a reality in your own home ,

I have been playing around with ideas about HDTV for a while now,
  had an opportunity  to work with Jessi June a traveling model from Model Mayhem ,plus work with makeup artist and hair stylist Ashley Gannon   ,http://www.facebook.com/makeup.hair.ashley
who herself is a model and has the most amazing red hair ,
plus Orlando Perez a photographer friend was coming by the studio  hmmm so I thought, well let me put this together I need people watching the TV while Jessi is modeling,

so here are some test shots from the  story ,

   the end, maybe

the Sneaky Streaker Streaks again, at Wayne Cutler's photo shot with Brittany Elizabeth

I have know idea how this  sneaky streaker got in to my studio,,

but once again he appeared out of nowhere, just as Wayne, using my studio  was shooting with Brittany  Elizabeth,

when there was a Yelllll and a O M G  from Brittany  as the sneaky streaker whizzed across the set ,
 Brittany grabbed out and got his shirt and wayne got a  shot

,he is so fast  we do not know who this sneaky streaker is yet ,

more from the Parrot tails , this is Henry

  this is the Handsome Henry who is a Male Parrot but has a liking for male Photographers ,

some really awesome head  and body shots  , I notice he has a bent for looking to his left and has a very pointy beak  mmmm very interesting ,

   more of the parrot tails to follow ,,

Friday, July 15, 2011

JJansen Designs working with a very creative stylist in a Jewelry photoshoot

working with a creative designer Judy ( JJansen designs ) who is happy to let me,, let my creative team come up with there ides, for some  of her new jewelry designs  a link to her web site

well this time Elise is the Model the MUA and the Hair Stylist,

so I gave her my thoughts and let her do whatever she wanted with them, these are just of 2 of many,

but it is hard when she can only see from one point of  view as we where using wigs , so I did some test shots so she could see the direction I was going and  then make a few alterations ,

I really like giving Elise  this opportunity plus, when  you have the backing of the client so all becomes a very positive and creative  photo shoot ,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

very short notice with model Brittany Binger

it was very short notice when Brittany Binger email that she was available the next day,

I was busy in the morning, but had maybe  two hours plus between jobs so said sure come in after lunch ,
she is so cool to work with positive, but open to my style of black and white ,

even with out colour she looks just beautiful, just love the hair  and the look she created ,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

creating some beauty shots in color and black and white with MM model Brittany elizabeth

Brittany was working at my studio with photographer Wayne Cutler,

she had such an amazing face, that after  they rapped-up, I felt I would like to shoot some new beauty shots with her, and she was very agreeable to this, black and white and color

here are just some ,

Art Nude black and white in shape and shadow

back on with the chair series,
this time with art nude model Nevaehlieh, she has a very special quality about her,
its a calm peaceful feeling totally enjoyable to work with,
I set this up with her as she has no hair and I felt just having a white back ground a chair and one light with  her,
would be what I was looking for, and it was , very little direction from me ,