Tech Wiz , William Francis computer wiz ,yes he is , read on

I have posted the problems I had been having on here a while back with my computer, so have to post an up date

well the Add Virus that my trusty Computer got was its down fall in the end ,

nothing or nobody could fix it ,it just had a mind of its own ,

Tom Cullis photographer friend  happened to stop by my studio ,where I was pulling my hair out and hanging from the ceiling well it felt like that ,

but here said  have no fear Will can be here and Fix it ,

yea right I said but he said know  let me call him , and woosh Will was here, he went to my computer did a bunch of stuff and it was running dam good so paid him ,

but the dreaded Virus was lurking and hiding and bam it started to invade my computer again ,so called William at Tech Wiz and once again wooosh he was here ,

he could see I use this computer all the time and said well I can fix it and will do it to night so you can have it back tomorrow but I will have to re format the hard drive and load all your stuff  back  O M G I thought save and re format this, it will be a disaster ,

but he said, know I will take it with me and your soft wear, it will all be ok .

well what did I have to lose, it was know dam good to me and all my stuff, links etc where all on there and guess what know backup ,

I use it every day so took a deep breath crossed all my fingers and toes and said yes ,

I am so happy that I did ,

William came back the next day plugged it in and presto, it was just like new, just had to put some personal stuff back on there ,and all is a ok  plus he put me on to another Virus protector as Norton at $80 a year did not work  and trying to cancel Norton will be another blog it was a nightmare ,

so if you need any Computer work I think William Francis is your man at Tech Wiz , in Orange County CA

 TechWiz web site 

thank you Tech Wiz 


  1. Thank you Phiilp :) I wanted to stop by and See how everything is doing


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