Inspired by Kat Moss Wedding veil image with model Nia from MM

had the chance to work with model Nia again, plus a new wardrobe stylist Cara ,
had some ideas and was free to shoot on Saturday  24 September called my makeup artist Elise ,every one could make it, just love how a plan comes together,

the wedding veil image was inspired by Kate Moss all ways been a fan of her work ,
  on the Friday 23 Sept created a concept for a actress / model  Pegah  who brought this Veil  in and agreed to leave it with me for a few days,

I just loved the Kate Moss image but not with flowers , I gave Cara the wardrobe stylist some ideas and she created some great styling for these,
one about colour and some about fashion  the colour gave Elise a chance to use colour and be creative with the Hair ,,

the fashion look was great but some thing was missing when Elise said I have a big floppy hat, that was what it need, just love my makeup artist,

was nice to see the creative minds of the  wardrobe, makeup /hair come together , makes a test day so worth while and it gives every on a chance to be creative and give input , so it is win win for the whole team ,


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