models over 30 SunShiney and over 40 Dora Voyeurism and an Artist

some times you just meet amazing people who are models but there not in there teens or twenty some thing ,
which is SunShiney and Dora both stunning ,blond and brunet with killer body's . I do not shoot glamor which is what they shoot but was very interested in working with them,

  told them of my concept's which they where up for,

  they came in, did there own makeup and hair ,and it was just so nice to feel that harmony in the studio when things are just flowing so well between you the model,
they under stand the concept plus wanted it to happen , very much a different photoshoot for them ,

the photo shoot was just amazing and enjoyable working with them , I love it when a plan comes together and you have beautiful models like SunShiney and Dora  to work with ,

the first concept was Dora as an artist painting a picture of SunShiney,  so I had to shoot SunShiney for the painting first and create the image , then  photoshop that picture in on the canvas as Dora is not a painter , there are many more of this series .

the second concept was for my book on Voyeurism  this is looking through a Keyhole,  this was not as easy as I thought  ,

I did shoot this through a keyhole ,mind you a some what larger keyhole than normal ,another great series with many more images ,