Red wine and two glasses , a Question of Balance .

I was set up to shoot today but it had to be rescheduled ,

  As I had the product table and lights set up, I thought I would create this wine glass balanced on a wine bottle  this idea had been on my mind these past few days ,

what you see is what I created, I had a small clamp at the bottom of the wine glass so it would not tip over of the wine bottle ,which I photo shopped the clamp out,
that is all I photo shopped out, the wine glass is balanced on the wine bottle ,

the wine was in the glass with a piece paper stuck to the rim to stop it spilling out ,my assistant Tom retied Portrait  photographer who had just popped in to say hello ,was now working ,dam he said I just came in to sit and chat for ten minutes ,

All he had to do was pull the paper away quickly so the wine would pour in to the other glass, the first test shot was to much wine big mess, so cut the amount of wine in half , this is the second shot  ,worked fine

 to see my mess test shot scroll down below this pic