Thursday, November 8, 2012

black and white photography Mode Bikes gallery show 10 November

  Saturday 10 November join me for An Evening of ART+MUSIC+ WINE OC CA

I will be there with many new Images to view and some will be for sale so join me and all the other artist to celebrate  at the   THE LIBERTY Art Gallery 


as it turning 1 year old in November for a ,very special group art exhibit: 

An Evening of ART+MUSIC+ WINE!!!

As always, amazing artists

, live music, tarot readings & YOU!

DATE: Saturday, November 10th from 6PM-10PM

COST: $10 includes exhibit, music, appetizers and desserts

DRINK: Wine, Beer, Soda & Water available

PARKING: Street Parking

Jeanine Hill:
Laura Stegeman:
Ed Olen:
Joseph Bennett
Stephen Blaha

Special Guests...
Phillip Ritchie:
Tania Marie:

The Jill Warren Trio

Stefanie Medina

THE LIBERTY Art Gallery And Performance Space
435 Alamitos Avenue, Long Beach, California 90802
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 — at THE LIBERTY Art Gallery And Performance Space 435 Alamitos Avenue, Long Beach, California 90802.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

a nude model becomes the frame for a Mode bike ( bicycle )

I have worked for a while with Jay the designer and owner of Mode Bikes there web site in Costa Mesa not far from my studio ,

we spoke about creating a Calender for 2013 ,this one of the test shots for it and a proposed poster     

Brigitte Bardot an icon of sexuality and beauty still rememberd by young models 2012

imagine my surprise  when 19 year old Chelsea started talking about Brigitte Bardot while we where shooting for a  Hair competition ,
I totally remember Brigitte, I think most men my age do ,as most of us where in love with her back in the  Sixty's so many pictures and movies    a link to /Brigitte_Bardot

As I have been recreating some of the iconic images from the past of Photographers, models,stylist and designers etc  that have been part of my journey as a fashion and fine art photographer ,

I said when we finish the hair shoot would you like to work with me on recreating a Brigitte Bardot image,
 she was so up for this ,as was my makeup/stylist Elise Ann a link to her web the image I have chosen has also inspired many others  to recreate this,
it is just one of the many that I remember maybe I will create some more at a later date ,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nikki Lee from Model Mayhem in Erotic nude black and white photography

I have totally enjoyed shooting with Nikki Lee for some time now as she understands my style of erotic photography ,
  well she was back in Orange County CA and we both had some time to shoot together on some more of my concepts (sneaker nudes ) plus work on some of my lighting ideas,
 it is hard for a model to create the shape and hold it, as I look at the shadows and get her to move a little more, or move the lights ,
It does takes a special type of model for this type of photography which she is ,

makeup and styling concept using a colored Gel plus a reflection captured in camera not photoshop using an in camera idea to create it

 a model I have known and worked with over a few years asked about using her cap and gown for a photo shoot , as she had just received her Master's degree ,
I did not want to do the usual cap and gown shot but when she said you can create any thing you like, then that opened the door ,
so I phoned Elise my mua and explained my Idea she was totally up to create the look in makeup and styling  that I wanted to do ,
 I needed to create a reflection plus use a colored gel as well ,
these are some of the styling concept ideas we created and I have shown  a test shot to show the setup to create them , just so much more interesting for all of us to create this in camera the old fashioned way ,

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

once again with play boy Brittany Binger not nude

there is always some thing magical when I work with Brittany Binger ,
although she is a Play Boy model we never shoot nudes, there is so much more than that she brings in to the studio  ,
this time it was  black and white head shots plus some concepts with makeup and Hair by Elise .hair and makeup by elise


High heel shoes nudity erotic in black and white photography with model Eurocat

  at the last minute model  Eurocat came in to my studio ,we had two hours for this photos shoot ,which when you have a very talented model like Eurocat it was snap and completed on time so she could continue her journey ,
but the story within those two hours was amazing ,as we where shooting  with very controlled light and shadow ,
but she could follow my direction and still bring her sensuality to the shot just loved working with her  we could almost read each others mind ,she had a great under standing  as to what I wanted to see ,

A smile from Farrah Fawcett by Bruce McBroom sold over 12 million posters

 I have been recreating some of the iconic images of yesterday so we can remember the talented photographers , models and designers that helped shape  the way we work to day

It came as a surprise when I was working with Collien on an update for her agency  they had asked for a smile head shot,
  she said I do not have a smile so we worked on this to get the look that worked for her and her agency, it was while we where shooting I said you need a smile like Farrah Fawcett she said who is she  mmm ,
 I said go to my computer and type in the best selling poster ,well Farrah Fawcett came up over 12 Million poster's sold,
 I said it is one of those iconic Images Farrah was beautiful and  Bruce McBroom saw that moment and captured it , ,link to that photo shoot Farrah and Bruce
 so once again this made me think of all the models and photographers that created our history are still being forgotten ,
I asked Collien if she work with me on this and I felt that Farrah had a lot of strength as well in her later years before she died  ,
there was know way to recreate her smile or even try ,
so I felt a  model of strength and felt Collien as an athlete would work better for me , two images are the new head shots for Collien and the other is to bring  your  attention to the photographer Bruce McBroom and the model  Farrah Fawcett that created the look that sold 12 Million poster's

my image with Collien and her head shots, I also had the same blanket that Bruce used so felt it helped connect these images

  A link to Farrah Fawcett

  A link to Bruce McBroom

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5 with Brittany Binger model/actor

I have been recreating some of the iconic images of yesterday so we can remember the talented photographers , models and designers that helped shape  the way we work to day ,

  I am now shooting a series of what they used , this is the first one with a Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5 a premier Press Camera from 1947, with model /actor  Brittany Binger who inspired this idea, — with MUA  Elise Elise web site .


Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Portrait of an Artist , Mercedes Schiffer

A Portrait of an Artist , Mercedes Schiffer

To know Mercedes is one thing, but then to photograph her as the artist she is, is another,
a truly beautiful woman emerged full of confidence and sensuality, but still vulnerable and passionate

I totally loved the harmony Mercedes brought into my studio and the woman she exposed to my camera, I loved this journey with her

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Before the 2012 Olympics was Photographer Arthur Elgort

I like the strength of a female athlete and was inspired by the photography for the 1990 Pirelli Calender by Arthur Elgort  a link to his web site


his work focuses on shape and the form of an athlete ,but still shows his love of a woman and her sensuality
,I have worked with Collein an athlete  for some years, and during that time I created these ,a small collection from that series ,

Friday, June 1, 2012

model Veruschka and Photographer Franco Rubartelli black and white Fashion photography

more from the images that created my world of Fashion and Art
Veruschka photographed by Franco Rubartolli a link to Verschka later work just stunning and so very creative  LINK  
I asked wardrobe stylist Maly Siharath  to style this on a budget and had makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Elise Ann Immiti to create a look for this , there is know way am I going on location to shoot it so I had model Eliza Cortez come to the studio ,
these images which I am recreating are what inspire me as a Fashion fine art photographer and part of my ongoing series about the very talented people that are being forgotten so I am hoping it will bring there names to the forefront plus the links as I find of them to there images or web sites

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nude Erotic Black and white fine art photography gallery show Orange County CA and also celebrating my birthday June

Press Release/Article

Photographer Phillip Ritchie will be celebrating his 70th birthday on the weekend of June 22/23, 2012 with a gallery showing and party at Studio OC in Fountain Valley, CA. The party will showcase new images from his collection, performances by musical artist Christy Knowings, and two photography demonstrations given by Phillip Ritchie himself. This celebration and event is sponsored by Chanel Rene/Studio OC, is free admission/open to the public.

British-born photographer Phillip Ritchie began his work in commercial photography in his late fifties after a successful career restoring classic cars and building hot rods in his native England. After relocating to Southern California Ritchie became more involved in the artistic side of photography including fashion, fine art, nudes, and erotica. Ritchie’s signature style is unmistakable and he is especially known for angular lighting and strong composition in black-and-white photography, his favorite medium.

During the gallery showing Ritchie will be hosting two free lighting and composition workshops open to all attendees. “Shadows are a huge controlling influence in my thinking because they themselves control the movement of the model and the emotional feel of the images,” says Ritchie. Many local photographers who follow Ritchie’s blog have already registered to attend.

Ritchie will also be instructing workshop attendees on how he creates the composition of the photograph. “The subtle details within the subject's composition make the image speak… the tilt of the wrist, the angle of the neck, the shape of the lips… plus the shadows created,” explains Ritchie. “All of these elements combine to create a gratifying composition.”

Singer Christy Knowings, also one of Ritchie’s favorite models, will be performing live at the gallery party on Saturday night. Admission to the event is free for both nights. Refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP to, or on Facebook:
Event Information

Date: Friday, June 22, 6pm-11pm and Saturday, June 23, 3pm-11pm
Location: Studio OC, 10562 Bechler River Avenue, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Entertainment: Christy Knowings (

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

black and white photography not nude or erotic, some where between

have worked with this model many times,  always create some amazing images with her ,
the 14 April was know different ,
 such an easy model to direct and such a beautiful person to shoot ,