Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a chance meeting a new model mans silk shirt

by chance a fine art photographer friend of mine Mike Slygh came by my studio to go for lunch with a new model from out of state ,

at lunch I noticed she had a great personality and was very interested in talking about her photoshoots with Mike , saying she was really enjoying being a model and it was also fun,

so when we got back I said I  had some time if she wanted to shoot with me as my style is a lot different than Mikes ,

at first I was not getting anywhere, then I showed her a video about dance and movement ,  we shot some more,
I could see she was getting closer to where I wanted her to go,   then after previewing some shots she then understood , it is that magic that just happens ,

,some times you never know what you will get from a new model , totally love her shape and the sensual feel to these  thank you Nicole and Mike for stopping by

Friday, January 13, 2012

Carla Ross hair stylist Makeup artist Tony Ynot plus 3 amazing models

some times I do need other creative people to create ideas with, well Sunday the 8 January was one of those days ,
I really like working with artist such as Carla Ross a very cool and amazing  Hair stylist with her own salon, pus Tony Ynot an extraordinary  makeup artist ,
I had agreed to work with them at my studio as I need to just be a photographer  and shoot there Ideas as I needed a break from my own stuff,
well the three models just made my day just awesome to work with,   Jacqueline  Candice and Nettie all different but all just stunning ,so let them all do there own thing, these are just some of the many many looks we created that day ,
so thank you Carla, Tony, Jacqueline, Candice and Nettie ,for one amazing day and yes there are some black and white but  they still work for this concept ,



wedding ,dress,first night ,wine ,the bridal Motel

 wedding day  ,dress, first night , wine ,the bridal Motel mmm  drunk new husband mmmm now what
I just had this idea , what would a bride do in a motel room on her own ,
maybe, be sad, maybe just  angry, maybe get drunk and pass out, or just enjoy her body for her own pleasure , so I built a small bedroom set with a window,
had two wedding dresses and a pair of awesome shoes ,so asked a few models that I worked with     this month so far if they would like work with me on this  ,

  will stay with this as I have many more ideas for them , but here are just some  ,

after the first 3 images it becomes much more sexual as Jem felt she would take it  more maybe self pleasure or erotic,

a wooden chair, one dog, half naked model, plus a mad cat

This started out so different   but kept getting ideas as I worked with model IDiivil ,  have no real reason why this came about ,
just enjoyed the journey ,no wonder I love photography you can do what ever you like ,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ryan Smith photographer using my work as his own on Face Book

it's a bit sad and stupid using my work as his own as Ryan Smith on Face Book  is doing ,I do have many friends that know my work and email me when others use it ,here are just two that he is using ,he is located I think in Fayetteville Arkansas


Sunday, January 8, 2012

BB on B = Beautiful Bottoms on Bicyle # 3

Miss Jem came in to the Studio, and I just had to get her to create a bottom shot ,awesome bottom but tatty old bike, but do we care