Ryan Smith photographer using my work as his own on Face Book

it's a bit sad and stupid using my work as his own as Ryan Smith on Face Book  is doing ,I do have many friends that know my work and email me when others use it ,here are just two that he is using ,he is located I think in Fayetteville Arkansas



  1. How can he be so obviously stupid. If he is a real photog, try and be original rather than to steal another's ideas.

  2. This is totally inappropriate and essentially, theft. And people who steal need to go to jail. I am shocked and disappointed that people do this type of thing. Very sad.

  3. That sucks Phillip.
    At least you DO have SO many friends out there that know your work. I hope you reported him to Facebook, so he can be banned.
    What a loser!

  4. Hey,
    looks like this guy isn't the only one. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=587021334660385&set=a.496958503666669.126609.393310170698170&type=1&relevant_count=1
    Seems this guys steals from everybody. Just google searched your images, and thought Id share

  5. have left him a message on his face book, thanks again for watching out for us


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