Monday, February 27, 2012

a very special photo shoot with Edith Henry-Edie Stylist

have worked with Edie as a model ,wardrobe stylist and makeup artist for some years now, but she did move to Texas 2 years ago  , and she did pop in about a year ago,

Edie web site

 well she was going to be in California for a few days in January  so called me about popping  in and going to lunch which we did
,while at lunch we spoke about shooting some updates for her
,well absolutely love shooting her ,Edie did had a bunch of clothes with her , well she is a wardrobe stylist and her makeup kit mmmm maybe Edie planed this photoshoot well I  am happy she did ,
 Edie just looks so vibrant with her redhair  hard to believe she has gone past 40 she still looks like a 30 year old model ,
so it was a very laid back photo shoot,  Edie just changed her clothes hair and makeup and did her own thing, ,
I just took pictures and listened to some great music, just wish they where all this easy, so here are some of my favorites ,

thank you Edie for a very special photoshoot

Christian Louboutin high heels can create shoe fetish erotica

these shoes are just awesome ,as is the model  and I am sure she does have a shoe fetish ,


Jeans editorial style black and white photography

some of the Black and White Jeans editorial shot's ,with model Romina ,

High Heel Boot Fetish black and white photography Topless model

more from the Boot shoe Fetish Series  different    styles of high heel boots



black and white not nude Shoe Fetish Erotic

this shoe fetish series is getting busy ,

Black and white Photography editorial grunge style

some time you get a model who is ok with a grunge look ,she under stands it is not about being pretty , Romina is one of those models,
 I guess as she is also an actor that helps have worked with her many times ,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thigh High black Leather High Heel Boots

I also have a selection of models in Thigh high Boots I have created in black and White , these with my wide angle lens I like this look that it creates

casadei designer shoes with model IDiivil

these Casadei designer shoes have started a new series as I am  now shooting different models in them, this is IDiivil, from Model Mayhem

a Bride and her Wedding Dress Black and white Photography

I went to her wedding  just as a guest ,but wanted to shoot her not as a bride even-tho it was her wedding dress, she totally under stood as she has worked with me as a model for some years now ,and new I wanted to shoot her in black and white , these are not what a bride needs or wants but as a model and photographer we where both very pleased  with these , I just love them ,

model IDiivil screams because she is topless or happy, maybe

I said to model IDiiviL just have fun and scream ,
she looked at me like I had lost it ,so I said ok I will scream with you  so we did,

just love this look of her and it does make you feel good when you scream ,  try it some time  maybe when know one can hear you ,

Black and White Photography still shows how sexy and Erotic High Heel shoes are

  it must be the shape of High Heels and legs and our imagination ,that keep them even in black and white looking sexy and some what erotic ,

High Heel shoes Legs , just sexy and erotic

this series Erotica  in High Heels just keeps on going ,so many shoes,so many legs, so many models ,

Christian Louboutin red sole high heels sexy and erotic

 I think high heels are sexy and erotic to men and women,

Fashion Model, wedding dress and a mask ,Dysfunctional marriage

I was thinking the other day that maybe to a model , that modeling with photographers is like a Dysfunctional marriage,

you have to show feelings and emotions, so the photographer likes you, to get that look he needs, then you hide your true feelings behind a mask ,

which is what happens in a Dysfunctional marriage as this is not how you feel ,but the look others expect to see ,

so when I had the opportunity  to work with Stephanie a 5'11" fashion model all arms and legs,she is  just adorable to work with ,this is my second shoot with her ,

I spoke to her about this idea and she was up for it ,

so here is my idea on this , I have used a hand mirror to show the look I wanted and she is hiding her feelings behind it , the torn wedding dress are my thoughts on showing this ,