a very special photo shoot with Edith Henry-Edie Stylist

have worked with Edie as a model ,wardrobe stylist and makeup artist for some years now, but she did move to Texas 2 years ago  , and she did pop in about a year ago,

Edie web site

 well she was going to be in California for a few days in January  so called me about popping  in and going to lunch which we did
,while at lunch we spoke about shooting some updates for her
,well absolutely love shooting her ,Edie did had a bunch of clothes with her , well she is a wardrobe stylist and her makeup kit mmmm maybe Edie planed this photoshoot well I  am happy she did ,
 Edie just looks so vibrant with her redhair  hard to believe she has gone past 40 she still looks like a 30 year old model ,
so it was a very laid back photo shoot,  Edie just changed her clothes hair and makeup and did her own thing, ,
I just took pictures and listened to some great music, just wish they where all this easy, so here are some of my favorites ,

thank you Edie for a very special photoshoot


  1. i'm from taiwan. what camera did you used?

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