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broncolor and hasselblad at Smashbox studios MOPLA shoot LA 28 April 2012

just my thoughts,

 went to Shoot LA to see Michael Grecco and all the new lighting from broncolor  well it was some what over crowded   could not get a seat   was ok standing  ,
  could not hear him sound was muffled but was ok as totally under stood the lighting setups  he was creating and very much picked-up some tips and ideas ,his web site 

watched Tim Hogan  his web site   heard every-word, very interesting  table top setup and the way he described his way of working and using broncolor lights,
 much information from this ,
Tim Hogan  also had another table top set there, where you could get closer, I took advantage of this and asked him many questions,
which he answered and showed me with the broncolor  lights he was using how to create what I was interested in ,

I asked if he could change direction in his set up and change the lighting which he did and explained it all as he went ,
he gave me more information than the guys from broncolor ,

speaking of which they had …

A Tribute to Richard Avedon and Model Veruschka

I am recreating some images which have a place in my photography journey,
 it is a way of remembering those who created the world of Fashion and Art that I work in ,
 this one with Morgan B , it was not easy,
 it makes you realize just how talented these people where ,

   my assistant makeup artist and stylist Elise Ann    Link for Elise