Friday, June 1, 2012

model Veruschka and Photographer Franco Rubartelli black and white Fashion photography

more from the images that created my world of Fashion and Art
Veruschka photographed by Franco Rubartolli a link to Verschka later work just stunning and so very creative  LINK  
I asked wardrobe stylist Maly Siharath  to style this on a budget and had makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Elise Ann Immiti to create a look for this , there is know way am I going on location to shoot it so I had model Eliza Cortez come to the studio ,
these images which I am recreating are what inspire me as a Fashion fine art photographer and part of my ongoing series about the very talented people that are being forgotten so I am hoping it will bring there names to the forefront plus the links as I find of them to there images or web sites