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Nikki Lee from Model Mayhem in Erotic nude black and white photography

I have totally enjoyed shooting with Nikki Lee for some time now as she understands my style of erotic photography ,
  well she was back in Orange County CA and we both had some time to shoot together on some more of my concepts (sneaker nudes ) plus work on some of my lighting ideas,
 it is hard for a model to create the shape and hold it, as I look at the shadows and get her to move a little more, or move the lights ,
It does takes a special type of model for this type of photography which she is ,

makeup and styling concept using a colored Gel plus a reflection captured in camera not photoshop using an in camera idea to create it

a model I have known and worked with over a few years asked about using her cap and gown for a photo shoot , as she had just received her Master's degree ,
I did not want to do the usual cap and gown shot but when she said you can create any thing you like, then that opened the door ,
so I phoned Elise my mua and explained my Idea she was totally up to create the look in makeup and styling  that I wanted to do ,
 I needed to create a reflection plus use a colored gel as well ,
these are some of the styling concept ideas we created and I have shown  a test shot to show the setup to create them , just so much more interesting for all of us to create this in camera the old fashioned way ,
link to Elise

once again with play boy Brittany Binger not nude

there is always some thing magical when I work with Brittany Binger ,
although she is a Play Boy model we never shoot nudes, there is so much more than that she brings in to the studio  ,
this time it was  black and white head shots plus some concepts with makeup and Hair by Elise .hair and makeup by elise

High heel shoes nudity erotic in black and white photography with model Eurocat

at the last minute model  Eurocat came in to my studio ,we had two hours for this photos shoot ,which when you have a very talented model like Eurocat it was snap and completed on time so she could continue her journey ,
but the story within those two hours was amazing ,as we where shooting  with very controlled light and shadow ,
but she could follow my direction and still bring her sensuality to the shot just loved working with her  we could almost read each others mind ,she had a great under standing  as to what I wanted to see ,

A smile from Farrah Fawcett by Bruce McBroom sold over 12 million posters

 I have been recreating some of the iconic images of yesterday so we can remember the talented photographers , models and designers that helped shape  the way we work to day

It came as a surprise when I was working with Collien on an update for her agency  they had asked for a smile head shot,
  she said I do not have a smile so we worked on this to get the look that worked for her and her agency, it was while we where shooting I said you need a smile like Farrah Fawcett she said who is she  mmm ,
 I said go to my computer and type in the best selling poster ,well Farrah Fawcett came up over 12 Million poster's sold,
 I said it is one of those iconic Images Farrah was beautiful and  Bruce McBroom saw that moment and captured it , ,link to that photo shoot Farrah and Bruce
 so once again this made me think of all the models and photographers that created our history are still being forgotten ,
I asked Collien if she work with me on this and I felt that Farrah had a lot of stre…

Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5 with Brittany Binger model/actor

I have been recreating some of the iconic images of yesterday so we can remember the talented photographers , models and designers that helped shape  the way we work to day ,

  I am now shooting a series of what they used , this is the first one with a Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5 a premier Press Camera from 1947, with model /actor  Brittany Binger who inspired this idea, — with MUA  Elise Elise web site .