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Playboy model Laurena Lacey erotic sensual topless but just not totally nude

Playboy does such beautiful nude photography of there models ,I do not see the need for me to do it  so I always shoot playboy models like Laurena Lacey mostly black and white in a more maybe erotic and sensual way ,
as this is more the way I see my photography ,I think less is more some times  kinder naked but not quite ,

not nude Playboy model Kayla Collins black and white photography high heels

part of my Shoe series with Playboy model Kayla Collins ,

Kayla has many nude images out there, but I do not always need a nude image , just a beautiful model with a great body which she  is,   just one from our photoshoot

Remembring Edward Weston black and white photography nudes

Some of you know I have been creating images of photographers that are not with us  being inspired and remembering the photographers that created the world I now work in

 Edward Weston created many nudes from the 1920 to 1930 plus, this is an Icon image ofhis work still looked at today and has inspired many nude images from other photographers 

 I am inspired by it ,not copying it ,
 this is my vision of his image ,

 I askedAngie Morristo be my model for this ,

 maybe Google Edward Weston so we can maybe learn and remember from those before us ,

just some thing about a naked girl a gun and Grey Goose vodka model Leah Marie

something about a naked girl, a gun and vodka which ever way round it is ,you want it all ,in moderation or excess your choice ,

does a model hide behind a mask, is she real or is it just pretend, my photography, my thoughts .

I often wondered is a model real or does she play pretend behind a mask ,an example of my thoughts ,

a shoe fetish maybe, a leg fetish, or just a naked model ,maybe it just about the high heels ,

one for the book of shoes ,and just for a change in colour ,

the art of a makeup artist Olga Schleicher

some images just stand the test of time this is one of them with model Burnett  Her MM created by  Olga Schleicher when she was one of the best makeup Artist around ,
Olga is now a photographer HER WEB SITE even after all this time I still love the Art of this image ,

the way you look tonight Model and Makeup artist Nichole Hopkins

The way you look tonight sung by many and I still very much enjoy it but it made me realize just how the art of makeup changes the face ,
 model and makeup artist Nichole created this concept with me , all so different yet still the same face ,we did use two wigs to help create the changes .


Model Nikee Leigh brings her magic into the studio once again, black and white and colour not nude but topless yes

Nikee is always a joy to work with just understands me and reads my mind (well not to much )
I had some concepts I wanted to shoot with her
,explained my thoughts ,she turned around and created them one after the other ,
  all are a different style and mood yet she gets it every time

Can one high heeled shoe be art or even sexy, in black and white model photography

One high heel shoe ,one beautiful model ,=

Thinking inside or outside the box you just have to think ,photography with a nude model which becomes not an exposed nude

this was the case with model Sakura  I wanted a picture reflection of the concept ,thinking back I remember Guy Bourdin had created a concept like this not the same, but so inspired with this helped create this image

my Muse, Blue Moon

song Blue Moon  

by Snowblink a beautiful voice 

Momentarily a glimpse of the past, a reflection of a model

Designer Chair beautiful legs and stunning high heels maybe a fetish

one for the high heel shoe book

a personal moment of pleasure

  a moment of time became a moment of pleasure

60s model Jean Shrimpton on a scooter will always remember that picture

myself and i am sure many other guys thought Jean Shrimpton was just IT a fabulous looking girl what dreams where made of in the 60s,
 but I all ways remembered the scooter picture she did ,,here is a link JEAN SHRIMPTON      I was working with Christine IDiivil and had the chance to use a new scooter so I took the idea as I had a 60s outfit she could wear , plus wanted to recreate the same look with her but nude ,
   Christine  her WEB

Fine art black and white photography with claudine art nude model

a very different journey for me to just shoot fine art nude ,but had the opportunity  to work with  a very established nude model Claudine a link to her web site  felt it was an opportunity not to miss ,

the Digital art of artist Oleg Dou inspired this concept in photography

Digital art of artist Oleg Dou inspired this concept in photography, but as I am more of  photographer than a digital artist , link to his work  Oleg Dou
  I just admire his work , so thought maybe I could create a look like this with  makeup  spoke to Kelsey Mayers makeup artist  she said she was up for it ,plus I had the chance to work with model Nikki Lee again


Bertoia bar stool becames art with Christine IDiivil- nude Model in black and white photography

designed many years ago Bertoia bar stool , just love the styling ,shape works so well for my idea with Christine IDiivil,  WEB

Influenced by Helmut Newton but using cross gender in black and white photography

always liked this image by Helmut Newton here is a link Helmut Newton
 but how to create this with out just doing the same ,so the model  Bumble and I planned our own idea  based on cross gender, the model created both roles male and female, link to her FACE BOOK
plus her  MODEL MAYHEM

an Idea about a play on words Remodeling with a model Nikee Leigh

just a play on the meaning of a word Remodeling , have taken this as to remodel a model ,

Safe sex for models in a armless visual way

was one of those mmm ok lets just do this ,as we had been taking about safe sex for young models and we just happened to have this guy in the studio so it just an armless play on words in a visual way

High Heels, topless Models, boots and Sneakers in Black and White

a selection from my forthcoming book on shoes

can you handel Grey Goose Vodka and nude model Anoush Anou

with  model  Anoush Anou   her web site , shot at my studio in Costa Mesa CA