what's in a name when photographing a stunning asian model in black and white

What's in a name you may say ,

her real name is beautiful and goes so well with her look  yet I can not pronounce it and she does not use it for modeling ,
but her model name just does not work for the images we created , so she has to be my beautiful  anonymous model ,

my thoughts for this shoot was not pretty girl pics ,she is very pretty with a stunning slim body ,
  she did bring a sword which made me think how do I use it , then I had an Idea which you see here ,

 I also wanted a more non pretty look without pretty clothes, I showed her the wardrobe I wanted to use  once she got the idea, she was and became an awesome model giving so much more to my ideas and creating the mood of the image ,
although it was not a long shoot I was very happy for what we achieved ,and totally loved working with her  here are just some ,