Sunday, September 15, 2013

just some thing about a naked girl a gun and Grey Goose vodka model Leah Marie

  something about a naked girl, a gun and vodka which ever way round it is ,you want it all ,in moderation or excess your choice ,

does a model hide behind a mask, is she real or is it just pretend, my photography, my thoughts .

I often wondered is a model real or does she play pretend behind a mask ,an example of my thoughts ,

a shoe fetish maybe, a leg fetish, or just a naked model ,maybe it just about the high heels ,

one for the book of shoes ,and just for a change in colour ,

the art of a makeup artist Olga Schleicher

some images just stand the test of time this is one of them with model Burnett  Her MM created by  Olga Schleicher when she was one of the best makeup Artist around ,
Olga is now a photographer HER WEB SITE even after all this time I still love the Art of this image ,


the way you look tonight Model and Makeup artist Nichole Hopkins

The way you look tonight sung by many and I still very much enjoy it but it made me realize just how the art of makeup changes the face ,
 model and makeup artist Nichole created this concept with me , all so different yet still the same face ,we did use two wigs to help create the changes .


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Model Nikee Leigh brings her magic into the studio once again, black and white and colour not nude but topless yes

Nikee is always a joy to work with just understands me and reads my mind (well not to much )
I had some concepts I wanted to shoot with her
,explained my thoughts ,she turned around and created them one after the other ,
  all are a different style and mood yet she gets it every time

Can one high heeled shoe be art or even sexy, in black and white model photography

One high heel shoe ,one beautiful model ,=

Thinking inside or outside the box you just have to think ,photography with a nude model which becomes not an exposed nude

this was the case with model Sakura  I wanted a picture reflection of the concept ,thinking back I remember Guy Bourdin had created a concept like this not the same, but so inspired with this helped create this image