a photographers Muse is very special, they work within and outside your creative thoughts yet you both strive for that one imge that shows the mood of both your thoughts

      I started working with Lianda  in 2006 who later became my muse ,

In January 2007 Lianda had this idea about being both models in the same image,
 I was up for this yet my skill in photo shop was very limited plus as I only had then PS 7 not CS7 so was not sure I could do this , 
I did plan the lighting and composition with her so it would look like it was meant to be this way with two people ,

looking back I think I did a dam fine job of putting this image together , have to give credit to my muse for to creating  the mood within the composition , 
she is still my muse going on 8 years now and over a 100 photoshoots