Soft, Sensual,totally all woman naked or not over 40 was beautiful to look at and work with meet ShelleyLynne

Shelleylynne and I had emailed on Model Model for maybe two years and then she was going to be in LA California ,my studio is only 50 miles away so she planned to take time out and work with me for an afternoon  ,
I wanted to create a voyeur feel to the shoot so I built a bedroom  placed a widow plus some shutters to shoot though ,
It really was great to meet her after all this time ,as it was a rocky start 2 years ago  because she had left a not a nice comment on one of my MM pictures, I was not mad just disappointed as it was directed about the model not my photography  ,
so I did email her about it ,she dealt with it and apologized, and for some reason we stayed in touch so happy we did because she did prove her point she is and was a better model , see for your self a selection of our work