Richard Avedon Dragon Tattoo Concept from the 1997 Pirelli calendar With Model Ling Tan- Recreated with Natalie Clark Body Painter in Black and White Photography

       Both myself and my muse Lianda have always been appreciative of Richard Avedon’s work. A concept she and I spoke about doing 3 years ago, was recreating the photo he made in 1997 for the Pirelli calendar with model Ling Tan.  So we decided after 8 years of working together, we needed a conclusion of the book we have been working on. We both chose the dragon shoot to be the last picture show.  The hold-up had been finding a body painter who could recreate the artwork of the original painter. As you may have noticed, I have been in partnership with Natalie Clark body painter. I asked her if she would be prepared to recreate the same artwork for this concept, and she agreed once she understood the reason why I wanted to do it. He is such an inspiration to me and in my work. So recreating the whole concept is my way of remembering his photography, and helping others to remember the people who have created the artwork before us. The concept is not only about the dragon, it’s about the entire image.

       I waited 3 years to do this photo, and even though I am closing a chapter of this journey over the past 8 years of working with her, we will still create new and exciting concepts for the future. Although, the shoots will be far less often. This photo represents the last picture show. Without the art of Natalie Clark and her working with me on this, Lianda and I never would have had the chance to recreate this photo we had always talked about together. I am so thankful to Natalie for giving us what we wanted for so long. It couldn’t have made me happier and it means so much to me to have such talented people in my life working with me. Shooting this left me emotionally drained. My chapter with my muse  The Last Picture Show is now complete.

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