Saturday, July 19, 2014

2014 world cup Germany Adidas soccer shirt body paint topless model by artist Natalie Clark

 World Cup winners Germany Adidas Soccer shirt body paint with a stunning  topless model by Natalie Clark Natalie Clark's Body Paint Blog

body paint artist Natalie Clark 2014 world cup Soccer with nude topless models

My art partner body paint artist Natalie Clark has a thing about soccer and wanted to create some of the soccer jerseys for the world cup 2014 serie/
 Here is a selection of some of her work at my studio in Costa Mesa, CA. She also works on private commissions if you would like to have your own body paint photo shoot. Natalie Clark's Blog

another way of hash tagging nude models erotic in black & white photography pictures

this works for me ,l

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Inspired by a 1926 Vogue Cover created by artist Benito ,Asian model black and white photgraphy non nude

I find the Art Deco style very interesting ,so this 1926 Vogue Cover illustration made me think can I do this as a photographer,with help from photo shop maybe I can ,
  asked Chinese model Nancy to work with me and booked Elise  Her Website   to design plus create the hair and Makeup look for this , I have shown the colour image of this concept as it is such beautiful work  plus a big thank you to model Nancy
 we are all very happy with the outcome  not sure if I have moved to far from being a photographer but I did enjoy the challenge ,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

HashTag or Hash Tagging with models, not nude but maybe some times they will be

Just an Idea I had when working with Natalie Clark Body Paint Artist ,
 I was talking about tagging a model  when our model Meghan said you should Hash tag them ,so here is our first hash tagged model ,
we thought the best place to start would be on her butt,thank you Meghan for having such a perfect butt for us to use ,