Roman Kriheli Artist Original Acrylic on Canvas, Sureal art, Wall Hanging Painting

Roman Kriheli

It may all be hype, Yet I am a firm believer that he is a great artist. I bought one of his paintings many years ago, which I have had on display in my home until recently when I replaced it with my own photography.

 I purchased the painting when I first moved to California. I liked the how unrestricted the artist was in his freedom of thought for the painting, and it is what I still admire about the painting today. At that time his studio was in SoHo, New York in the 1980’s, which were inexpensive artist loft. This gave him the freedom of thought and conceptual design in his style as he was not motivated by money, Just the pleasure and inspiration of being an artist.  So hype or not, this is a great example of his early work before his 20 year break. 

 Acrylic on Canvas, Original Painting. It is 52” X 52” signed in 1985. So I am making this original Roman Kriheli available to private collectors or galleries, All offers will be considered, I will also be placing it on ebay later this month.

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