Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A rose by another name Shakespeare black and white photography a model with a rose Phillip Ritchie

Being English and growing up with Shakespeare did not influence my life in my youth,
 yet now older maybe a little wiser Shakespeare does ,

so with that in mind I created my thoughts in a photograph   ( A rose by any other name )

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Primal Instincts for the Connoisseur of wine and a woman

I enjoyed the wine and then decided to use the name of the wine to tell a story in a picture

even if you are not a Connoisseur I am sure your Primal instincts will help you enjoy what we created for you                                                 

                                   Bon appetit



Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Pro Show with Polina Hryn Wetpuzzle Piece Productions and Jacqueline Depaul & Phillip Ritchie

Artist extraordinaire Polina Hryn  Wet Puzzle productions ,
 asked me to be a guest on her TV internet program  PO SHO  and chat about my photography with Model Jacqueline Depaul, whom I have worked with many times over the past few years , 
Having Jacqueline there made it very easy for me to give input to Polina's questions as I felt the thoughts of a model would also help in people understanding my answers ,
As we where talking about Jacqueline's nude sensual photo shoot with me as well plus showing some of the images that I had taken of her that day

a link to Polina's show plus Polina did a great presentation of my Photography and a great show case of Model Jacqueline Depaul pictures  Thank you Polina

                            a link to Jacqueline Yellow Brick Runway

        PRO SHO  Video  Polina  Hryn DEC 7   PRO SHOW with Jacqueline Depaul

             thank you Polina PRO SHO   and TradioV Radio in TV


Monday, November 30, 2015

Teddy Bears picnic at my photography Studio

Teddy Bears they love to play and have fun ,

  big Teddy was in a photo shoot with a beautiful model he felt very grownup , 

  but in the morning when I came in ,well just what do you think had  happened ,Teddy had put the word out   
                                       it"s Party time down at the studio ,

                                                        I think the Picture tells the story ,

if you go down to the studio today  your in for a big surprise ,

Black stocking one high heel stiletto shoe

I teach in my workshop some times it pays to keep it simple , can make for a much more dramatic shot ,such as this one in Black and White ,

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christine Adams IDiivil model in black & white and Colour

I have been creating images as a reflection for many years meaning what you see is there reflection in a large sheet of Plexiglas  not them ,
 always get the images I want from Christine she has that uncanny knack of knowing what I am talking about , 
but my thoughts are always black & white concepts as was the this shoot with her ,

 but some how one remains in colour , just does not seem to work in BW  so have posted it
 two different looks from the same concepts ,

smoking is maybe bad for you, but depends how you look at it Black & White erotic picture of a model wearing shorts

just an idea ,

when we talk about a model being smoking hot , these are my thoughts ,

Nikee Lynn in black and white photography images not nude, topless ,sensual, sexy, yes

one of my most favorite  models over the past few years is Nikee Lynn,
 just an awesome model works really hard to give you your concept even if she does not understand it at the time ,but does when she see's the image finished ,

these are but a few from earlier this year 2015 ,

Michael Jackson gone but not forgotten a photographic tribute

Michael Jackson gone and missed by so many for his music and dance ,
one thing I always remember ,   when he went up on his toes ,

so I created this image as my Tribute to this amazing entertainer Michael Jackson

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mercedes 2016 AMG GT S Parkinglot Art

My Studio is located in Costa Mesa CA has a large parking area as there is a Star Bucks here as well ,

I went out  saw this Mercedes out side my studio , had not seen one before so just for fun I gabbed my camera shoot half dozen images ,
but I did shoot the car as an art piece , I call it my Parking lot Art, I really like the design of this Mercedes AMG GT S  ,

my point being is I am only a studio photographer, had I been asked it would have been a Studio shoot ,
but I am kinder pleased how it came out , I used a Canon MK1115D set on program shot into the sun as well  ,just planned my composition ,

The Days of Wine and Roses

 As the days of wine and roses draw in ,they become beautiful memories of yesterday of the one's we love ,loved and lost ,

I look forward to my tomorrows to create more memories for my yesterdays ,

Sunday, June 7, 2015

A cigar , A towel, A nude model, All in black and white

A cigar , A towel,  A nude model,  All in black and white

wide angle lens, plus long legs, high heels, perfect combination for my style of photography in black and white

wide angle lens, plus long legs, high heels ,
perfect combination for my style of photography in black and white

Makeup concepts,in colour and styling with Devon Duff makeup Artist

sometimes it is really nice to let others create the the image to shoot ,such as this concept created by makeup artist Devon Duff with model Madeline Schulte

I do have to say the Madeline had her magic switch on 100% , she could do know wrong,
 I gave her a little direction and she made it happen ,

I think shooting in colour plus the laughter between  them and there personality just make it very interesting and enjoyable and fun photo shoot ,


Erotic ,Nude , High Heels ,black & white

 Erotic ,Nude , High Heels ,black & white ,  what more can I say ,

Red lips two models yet there face's are devoid of colour

It totally works for me, not two on big black and white with spot spot colour ,but this one was perfect for this idea

Abstract maybe ,but yet still recognizable lip's in black & white ,

When asked why I shoot and create images like this , I just do not have the answer ,
I am working with a model you have an idea , and it just sort of happens ,you see it and that's it 

nude model Pure Rebel Between two mirror's

I still enjoy creating pictures the old fashion-way even thou I shoot digital this was created with the model standing between two mirrors and I shot her reflection  ,
used PS to edit into black and white ,but still show the blue jeans ,
this was also the first time I worked with Pure Rebel from Model Mayhem # 2621488 she is truly a beautiful person with a stunning body follows direction and gives you 110% 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

the last picture of 2014, the first picture of 2015 at my photography studio in Costa Mesa CA Happy Newyear to All

for many years now I have been having a photoshoot on newyears eve at my studio in Costa Mesa,
this year Actress Jenelle Jones of LA CA was my model ,much music and laughter plus snacks and champagne  ,
we shoot some amusing and fun head shoot as we approached  midnight , to celebrate 2015 Jenelle said she wanted to recreate a image I had done with a model on my studio sofa but that model was naked
 I said well if you do then take of your clothes she laughed, so I took this as the last image of 2014 ,

 Jenelle then drank some more Champagne through her clothes around in abandonment laid on the Sofa ,
  I took this shoot my first of 2015 , Happy New Year to All