Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A rose by another name Shakespeare black and white photography a model with a rose Phillip Ritchie

Being English and growing up with Shakespeare did not influence my life in my youth,
 yet now older maybe a little wiser Shakespeare does ,

so with that in mind I created my thoughts in a photograph   ( A rose by any other name )

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Primal Instincts for the Connoisseur of wine and a woman

I enjoyed the wine and then decided to use the name of the wine to tell a story in a picture

even if you are not a Connoisseur I am sure your Primal instincts will help you enjoy what we created for you                                                 

                                   Bon appetit



Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Pro Show with Polina Hryn Wetpuzzle Piece Productions and Jacqueline Depaul & Phillip Ritchie

Artist extraordinaire Polina Hryn  Wet Puzzle productions ,
 asked me to be a guest on her TV internet program  PO SHO  and chat about my photography with Model Jacqueline Depaul, whom I have worked with many times over the past few years , 
Having Jacqueline there made it very easy for me to give input to Polina's questions as I felt the thoughts of a model would also help in people understanding my answers ,
As we where talking about Jacqueline's nude sensual photo shoot with me as well plus showing some of the images that I had taken of her that day

a link to Polina's show plus Polina did a great presentation of my Photography and a great show case of Model Jacqueline Depaul pictures  Thank you Polina

                            a link to Jacqueline Yellow Brick Runway

        PRO SHO  Video  Polina  Hryn DEC 7   PRO SHOW with Jacqueline Depaul

             thank you Polina PRO SHO   and TradioV Radio in TV