Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Guns N Roses 2016 A photographic image of Guns and Roses

 Guns N Roses are on tour this year 2016 .

always liked there name  ,

so had finished a photo shoot that we used roses ,plus a friend of mine has a small gun collection,

put the two together  and this is the outcome ,

Friday, April 22, 2016

How to balance a glass of wine when you have no table Black and White photography oh and a model

get your model to lay flat on the floor , place your glass of wine on a firm spot on her body and ask not to breath that's it ,you have now balanced your glass of wine ,

a Big Ass Smith and Wesson used as a prop for a nude model in black and white

I enjoy story telling in my photography, I leave you the viewer to maybe understand my thoughts or just your own ,

I think this hand gun from Smith and Wesson it is not what it can do ,but just what it it's Art in Metal

I think the model is stunning not in what she can do ,but what she is doing within this image ,

telling my story ,

Black & White photograhy sensual, erotic, sexy ,maybe it's a shadow ,maybe what the model Satine Barre is wearing or not

working with the very talented Fashion model Satine Barre in a more erotic way ,

( not nude ) just the way Satine is moving  her body in relation to what she is wearing I find so much more interesting it tells a better story of sensuality with a little  eroticism ,just one from many photo shoots we have worked on ,

will post more over the next few weeks

working in a recording studio as a photographer

Watching the way a musician plus singers use there talent and go into there own world ,so they can create what we love to here from nothing but an idea that is in there head ,

always a magical time for me, when they ask me to come in  and shoot some candied images ,
just a few of many ,

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Light and Shadow creating a Silhouette in black & white a nude yes, a hole in one maybe in Golf ,How to use your putter

the point of interest ,

this is created as a silhouette,

 a nude yes but it has a different point of view
 not just nude ,it also has a connection to Golf ,

 maybe a tad erotic ,maybe it is what some dreams consist of ,

maybe funny maybe cool

only you know what you think ,

I only created it , what was I thinking ,only I know ,

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

nude model Nikee Lynn levitating at my studio in colour

Ideas and concepts with models like Nikee are always fun I think we laugh more than we take pictures ,

just one from this shoot and just for a change it is in colour

Monday, January 11, 2016

My China Girl remembring David Bowie

David Bowie was only a few years younger than me

,like him I was born in England, I watched and listened to his music over the years always impressed he went where others feared to tread ,

So a sad day as David has gone 10 January 2016 ,I will remember him , because my favorite song video China Girl ,

this is my China Girl I have worked with her for 9 years, so because of my China Girl I will always remember David Bowie

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Model Brandi a beautiful redhead in color and Black & White

A beautiful redhead model wanted to show one of the concepts we created in B&W as well as color

Friday, January 1, 2016

the close of 2015 to the opening of 2016 with Actress / model at my photography studio 12:03 am 1st January

was a great close to 2015 working with old and new friends  wine good conversation and some photography we started a little before midnight ,champagne on chill two of the images we created  before and after , Jenelle Jones was my model